Wan Azizah tool of Anwar’s ambition

Anwar-Azmin-Wan Azizah

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It is ‘war’ in Kajang, politically that is, as Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and Barisan Nasional (BN) slug it out to win the hearts and minds of the 39,000-odd voters, who are forced to go to poll because of one man’s plan called the Kajang Move.

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, de facto chief of PKR planned the move to helm Selangor on the basis to end the feud between current Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and the party deputy chief Azmin Ali and to stop claims of Selangor Umno onslaught.

Unfortunately, he was ‘out of action’ when found guilty of sodomy and sentenced to five years jail, and he got his wife Datin Seri Wan Azizah Ismail who is also PKR president to ‘stand in’ for him.

And since Anwar is still free as he is out on bail and waiting for appeal, he told the nightly ceramahs that the Kajang move is till on.

What is the Kajang Move which is still on where Wan Azizah is now being burdened with?
From what Anwar mentioned in his ceramah is the move would enable him to make Selangor as the platform to jump to Putrajaya, through the state’s progress in economy and development.

He wanted Malaysians at large to look at Selangor as a model state an dthen choose him as Prime Minister in the next general election.

So that is Kajang Move where the electorate have to be sacrificed to enable him to contest the state seat, then get Khalid to step down and he takes over.

So the Kajang Move is actually a plan for him to be Mentri Besar and then Prime Minister, without any consideration on people’s interests or benefits.

Wan Azizah is now a ‘tool’ for Anwar to achieve his aim as she is seen and in fact is clean politically and loyal to her husband’s wishes and needs.

Never mind about being made used of, after all she has a responsibility towards the party she leads as well as her husband.

She wants the party to retain Kajang and if possible with higher majority, at a time when her husband’s name is no longer the ‘talk of town’ as his name no longer gets ‘the adrenalin of men nor women’ going at his speed.

Except for his followers, Anwar’s news is now taken as a ‘mention in passing’ thing as Kajang eledctorate no longer ‘wait in anticipation’ or anxious’ as they have made up their minds.

However, with Wan Azizah in the lead role, the mindset change as talks have it that she is a victim of circumstances, a nice woman who is loyal to her husband and have no choice.

Bloggers have her named as ‘Pelakon Air Mata’ (The Teary Eyes Actress) as her campaign line is expected to be more on wooing sympathy than political ideology and other issues against the ruling BN.

All the above aside, it is the electorate who will decide whether to sympathise with Wan Azizah and vote her to allow her husband achieve his personal aim or vote BN Datuk Paduka Chiew Mei Fun who is truly a ‘worker’ who wants to serve the people sincerely.