Opposition rep’s move put country to shame, says MCA youth chief

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(fz.com) – MCA youth chief Chong Sin Woon hit out at DAP Taiping MP Nga Kor Meng for distributing false pictures and information on the web that could put the country in shame.

“He should have used his capability and talent in the courts or in the parliament debate session to safeguard the people’s livelihood,” he said.

Chong said he discovered Nga’s tweet which shows United States president Barack Obama watching the live telecast of Raja Bomoh’s prayer session at KLIA at 9.45pm yesterday.

According to Chong, the tweet had gone viral on the internet and many of Nga’s followers had re-tweeted the picture.

As far as he is concerned the picture tweeted by Nga had been modified and was not true.

“In fact, Obama was watching another show on the TV and not the prayers held at the airport,” he added.

“Does he really hate Malaysia so much? Isn’t there anything in the search and rescue process that he can appreciate or give credit to the team members?” he questioned.

“If there is nothing he should just keep quiet instead of spreading rumours,” Chong told reporters at a press conference here today.

Chong stressed that Nga should have apologised to the public for spreading the fake and inaccurate information on the web.

He also lashed out at several PKR representatives gaining their publicity over the prime minister buying chicken at RM1.

“Why are they so naive? Why do they continuously tarnish the country’s image and put the country to shame by raising all these small matters?” he questioned.

“They should stop politicking and focus more on their debate in the Parliament.”

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