Hot air balloons by both RPK and Dr Lim on the MoU between HINDRAF and BN

P Waytha Moorthy

Hot air balloons by both RPK and Dr Lim on the MoU between HINDRAF and BN.

Before even divulging into to the contents of the MoU between BN and HINDRAF, one needs to look into the intention or what was intended.

To understand the intention, one needs to look why and how the intention came about.

Why and how the intention is purely based on the 4 issues stipulated in the MOU which is:

1.    Uplifting displaced Estate Workers;

2.    Addressing Statelessness among the Indian Poor;

3.    Increasing educational opportunism from Pre-school to University for the poor Indians;

4.    Increasing Employment and Business Opportunities for the poor Indians.

What is an MoU and how effective of the MOU actually becomes obsolete when the intention is not met. Whether it is workable or not is not the issue but was there an intention.

The intention is entered in good faith on a gentleman agreement based on the spirit and morality of it, not one to figure out what is the time line, what it could have been and what should have been for a community that is long neglected but rather a genuine intention to hold to one’s end of the bargain to bring them in par with the rest of them.

Both these laureates meaning RPK and Dr Lim Teck Ghee don’t delve on the issues but rather indulge with their swing song on why, how and what is should have been rather than having the courage to address the issue as listed above.

Really!!! Are these the soothsaying martyrs for the community?

Does it really matter whether there is an MoU or not between BN and HINDRAF if there is no real intention by the governance of the day.

Does it really matter whether HINDRAF can take BN to court over the breach of intention of the government of the day?

Does it really matter what anyone can say about it without actually being in a position to do anything to resolve the impending issue for the poor Indians.

Does it really matter, if we individually in our heart are still driven for who is going to be in power and who is not in anticipation within our own cocoon without actually understanding the predicament of the Indian poor and their ability to sustain their pride and dignity to live a normal life in Malaysia without fear and favor?

Does the intention meet’s the objective for the poor Indians or another political drive as and when it fits us?

Intention does not need a legal standing or an abridged method but works on a pure sense of morality and principle on the issues that seems to keep haunting us when we fail our social responsibilities in our self- indulged manner.

Social human responsibilities to our own mankind are not derived on who says or what fits an agenda but rather whether you have the courage on a subjective basis to address it when the truth faces you like the state of the poor Malaysian Indians.

So in essence it really does not matter who says what, but rather what is the role, what and how an intention plays a part in any individual who seek to ensure that the plight of the wilfully neglected Indian poor in Malaysia can continue to have a voice in a non-partisan manner.

Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith. The faith can only be sustained when the role we play collectively has the liberty not to fool ourselves subjectively in the truth that affects our fellow poor Malaysian Indians in an unjust manner.

Thank you.


(Human Being)