Khalid in fighting mood, PKR splitting


(My News Hub) – Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is a “fighting mood and fighting mode” as he takes on Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) deputy president Azmin Ali ‘by the horns’ after being on the defensive since he became Mentri Besar some six years ago.

This time the Selangor Mentri Besar is an angry man and he has shown what an angry man could do – signing the water deal with Putrajaya without even informing his boss – Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, a deal where Khalid claimed several PKR leaders wanted to raise the price.

And the angry man also announced his candidacy for the number 2 post in the party without even consulting his boss – a post where he will be facing off with his boss’ favourite and loyalist Azmin.

Azmin is obviously taken by surprise as he had never expected Khalid to ‘jump into the ring’ given Khalid’s position which is not considered as national level and not even a division chief for that matter.

Azmin had all the while thought his feud with Khalid would not go as far as this because he has the backing of the ‘boss’ who is the party de facto chief at present and would be the party president come party poll end of April.

But Khalid, after pulling the carpet under Anwar’s feet on the water deal and while Anwar and Azmin were still reeling from the shock of his action, blasted the bomb that he would be taking on Azmin for the party number two position.

Whether behind the scene there was a deal between Anwar and Khalid or not is immaterial, but the fact is Azmin is now vulnerable and Anwar does not seem to ‘come running to his rescue.’
The situation is bad for Azmin if Anwar takes the middle stand or in short stays above board which means Azmin may be abandoned and dumped.

After all Khalid, is now seen as the hero for Selangorians and Anwar would not want to ‘look as a villain’ by taking Khalid to task for not consulting him on the water deal which may be seen as ‘too self-centred and self-interest.’

At stake for Anwar now is Kajang state seat by-election, a move he made purported to end the feud between Khalid and Azmin but twisted to take Khalid’s palce as Mentri Besar.

Whether the move is right or wrong, the fact remains Anwar may not face difficulty to maintain the majority votes polled by former assemblyman Lee Chin Cheh which was some 6,000-odds votes.
Khalid is defending his position as Mentri Besar against Anwar’s onslaught, as he feels the time has come to tell the boss that he is no push-over and he is not a political intern.

Khalid’s announcement is said to be quietly and subtly supported by the party president herself Datin Seri Wan Azizah Ismail and her vice-president daughter Nurul Izzah.

Khalid is no ‘pawn’ and he now stands against all odds – PKR is a party owned by Anwar and whoever goes against his wish may see their future numbered.

But Khalid is taking his chance and he is not alone because he would not dare to ‘face-off’ with Azmin without the ‘blessings’ of some people close and near to Anwar.

It is time now for Azmin to think hard wehther to face Khalid in defending his deputy president post or ‘run to friends’ in another party which talked was stalled end of last year.