Hypocrites of the Kajang by-election


FMT LETTER: From MatRodi, via e-mail

First we have the most democratic party DAP, especially its longest serving leader Lim Kit Siang. He had always shouted to the Malaysian public that MCA is subservient to Umno in Barisan Nasional. Because of that most Chinese tend to believe that MCA is a running-dog to Umno.

But the latest fiasco pertaining the state assembly seat in Kajang proved one thing – that DAP is very much subservient to PKR. Reading the news (of course from Opposition-friendly portals) it seems that DAP secretary general, Lim Guan Eng doesn’t know anything about the Kajang Move and he is yet to be informed and consulted.

What happened DAP? They always accuse Umno for being Big Brother in Barisan Nasional. But now, is there a party which is more equal than others in this triad called Pakatan Rakyat? And that PKR rules the nest with impunity?

A matter as huge as the post of Menteri Besar of Selangor and DAP as the senior partner was not even consulted! If they have integrity, they should apologise to MCA for all the allegations and unfair criticisms they had hurled towards MCA all these years.

Done with DAP’s hypocrisy, now let us look at PKR’s candidate Anwar Ibrahim who takes a stand in defending Christian’s right to use word Allah in Bible. Anwar said that even international Muslim scholars thought it was a subject unworthy of debate.

He further explained that Muslims recite five times a day: “Praise be to Allah, Lord of Heaven and Earth.” So, if Allah is Lord for the entire universe, how can there be limitations? Anwar pointed out.

Although we can always argue the use of Allah in Bible based on cultural and religious aspect, one thing that is clear is it is the law of the state that prohibits Christians to use the word Allah. Is Anwar impliedly advocating that the Christians are being denied their right to break the law?

Is this not a silly right to fight for, the right to break the law?

The solution to this is not to demand the right to break the law but instead demand that this ‘bad’ law be repealed. And Pakatan Rakyat, with 44 seats in the Selangor state assembly, has the legal power to repeal this law. Then Christians can legally use Allah in the Malay Bible and they no longer need to demand the right to break the law.

So do that! Repeal that ‘offensive’ law! And this is the job of Pakatan Rakyat, not the job of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak since this is a Selangor law and not a Federal law.

Meanwhile, we shouldn’t expect Anwar to boldly remove the law because some years ago, when Anwar in Umno, he said the main goal of Bible in Bahasa Melayu was to propagate Christianity in Malaysia. See this video.

The hypocrisy doesn’t end there. Anwar always blames Umno for everything that happens under the sun. Umno is corrupt, racist, inefficient, and everything about Umno is wrong. In short, ABU – Anything But Umno.

But for some mysterious reason, Anwar has announced that he would rope in the former Umno leader, Muhammad Taib to the Selangor government after the Kajang by-election. Aside from Khalid’s skills in economic management, the Selangor government would need Muhammad’s skills in rural programmes, the opposition leader told about supporters in Cheras.

Now, is Anwar saying that the rural programmes implemented by the former MB, better known as Mat Tyson, were praiseworthy and worth modelling after? Anwar should point out which aspects of the rural programmes under Muhammad’s administration were particularly good and beneficial to the rural people of Selangor.

If Anwar believes that Muhammad’s administration was an exception to Umno rule, maybe the ‘ABU’ slogan may have to be adapted and he would need to periodise Umno’s autocratic record and identify the good from the baddies in Umno?

Well, the Kajang episode is not complete without mentioning Rafizi Ramli – the strategy director who gives one reason or another on why Kajang Move had to be executed. Rafizi said that Selangor might turn out like Kelantan in 1977 if Anwar does not take over as Menteri Besar.

Is Rafizi saying that the PKR Malays are going to take to the streets to riot against fellow PKR Malays, the pro-Khalid faction versus the pro-Azmin faction, like what happened in Kelantan, in the event that a vote of no confidence is passed against MB Khalid? More importantly, are they planning a vote of no confidence against MB Khalid?

Maybe Rafizi should explain why he thinks Selangor might be the same like Kelantan in 1977 when the relevant laws that were used to declare emergency in Kelantan has been repealed by Najib.

Or maybe he doesn’t’ care to explain since according to him only 17% from the voters are against his Kajang Move. The rest are gullible enough and let them be played by the antics of Pakatan Rakyat’s leaders.