Khalid: I’m an all-rounder


The Selangor Menteri Besar, in a veiled reference to his rival for the PKR No 2 post, says he has a better service record in all fields and does not have a personal agenda

Leven Woon, FMT

Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim today said he has an edge over other candidates in the contest for the PKR deputy president’s post.

Without naming incumbent deputy president, Azmin Ali, Khalid who announced yesterday that he was going for the PKR No 2 post, in the party polls in April, said he has a better service record in all fields.

“I’m also a very dedicated individual. Most importantly, I work for reform agenda, not personal agenda,” he told reporters after attending a silat function this morning.

When asked to rate his chances, he replied: “All warriors who enter the ring must be confident of winning.”

He said Anwar Ibrahim has been informed of his decision, but was coy when asked he if the PKR de facto leader’s gave his blessings.

“He encourage me to work harder, but at the same time mobilise the party,” he said.

Khalid announced his bid for the PKR number two post before his supporters at the MB’s residence last night.

The stage is now set for a major showdown between Khalid and Azmin after years of conflict.

All lop-sided agreements to be reviewed

Azmin has been critical of Khalid’s administration over issues such as the construction of Langat 2 water treatment plant, sacking of 22 contract workers from state-owned PKNS Holdings Bhd and the state budget.

Azmin was said to be eyeing the menteri besar’s post since 2008 and Khalid was alleged to have had a hand Azmin’s removal as a member of the PKNS board.