What next for Anwar, the bharatanatyam?

Anwar Ibrahim

Narinder Singh, FMT

Will Anwar be doing the bharatanatyam next to woo gullible Indians in the country and Kajang, and perhaps unseat the pole position of another ‘Ibrahim’ – Ramli, the Malay exponent of bharatanatyam who has won accolades internationally?

Anwar went to a church to preach politics and on unprecedented grounds, church authorities and Christian advocates allowed a controversial being to ‘taint’ the hallowed ground where only God is worshiped and respected. What is their justification for allowing Anwar have it his way?

Is Anwar deriving political dividends from the Christians on the Allah issue to inflate his popularity and in order to harness a significant number of votes in the Kajang by-election? Argue as much as you want, but it boggles the mind and is disgusting and downgrading when a politician even ‘abuses’ houses of worship to impress upon people of his so-called ‘fair and just’ image.

In as much the opposition has berated Umno for using mosques and suraus as platforms to give political sermons, we see the similarities of them. Using temple grounds and churches is degrading. So, for the Hindus and the Christians, as long as they adjudge that Anwar is singing the right tune in their favour, it is absolutely and religiously correct to grant him the permission.

Now back to the gullible Indians who think that Anwar can be their saviour. Look, you don’t have to be a state assemblyman in Kajang to ‘save’ the Indians. Are the Indians there so naïve and brain dead? If Pakatan was truly an all-inclusive party, why did they not do anything via the Chinese state assemblyman for the Indians and Hindu temples there?

Today Anwar likens himself as Tamil movie idol MG Ramachandran aka MGR who was once chief minister of Tamil Nadu, and perceived as a hero of the poor on and off the celluloid world. Anwar only fell short of running around bushes when he sang the Tamil number. This is what we call Prime Minister material – emulating dead Kollywood heroes to becoming ‘priestly’ in holy churches!

The next guess is that Anwar will be donning the mask of some Chinese god. In Chinese mythology, they have many gods by different names and propitiate them for different purposes.

There’s Kuan Ti the god of war; Chuang-Mu goddess of bed and sexual delights; Tu-Ti; local gods; minor Gods of towns, villages, streets and households; Lu-Hsing the god of wages and employment; Erh-Lang, the god who chases away evil spirits, the great restorer, the sustainer; and many other gods.

Will PAS allow Kit Siang to give a political discourse in a mosque?