‘MGR’ Anwar hailed as the Indian community saviour

Anwar Ibrahim

Now Anwar sings Tamil songs in Hindu temples to woo Indians in Kajang

K Pragalath, FMT

PKR candidate for Kajang, Anwar Ibrahim today wowed a crowd of 700 Indians in front of Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in Taman Delima, Kajang when he rendered several lines from a popular Tamil song, “Naan Aanaiyittal”.

The song was featured in a 1965 Tamil movie Enga Veetu Pillai, starring former Tamil Nadu chief minister MG Ramachandran who is better known as MGR. MGR was a famous film star before becoming the chief minister.

In the movie, MGR who played dual roles, fights for the poor and the oppressed.

As he sang, Anwar who wore a PKR cap and donned a cloth on his neck mimicked MGR’s trademark dance moves. He even waved to the Indians like MGR.

“It is not an easy song. Izzah’s daughter asked me whether I was alright when I attempted to mimic the moves from this song.

“I memorised the song. It means if I am in power, no one would be in poverty. No one would be in tears,” he explained the meaning of the song to the predominantly Indian crowd.

Earlier on, the master of ceremony for the function also depicted Anwar and PKR as savior of the Indian community.

Anwar was speaking at an event held in front of Sri Maha Mariamman Temple near Taman Delima.

Temple wants higher compensation

The temple was part of Braemer Estate in the 1980s. The estate was cleared to make way for the development of Saujana Impian and Taman Delima housing estate.

The temple committee is hoping to obtain a larger plot of land. Currently it sits on a two acre plot.

Application for the land was made in 2006 but the Land Office informed the temple committee that the plot is owned by land developer Bandar Subang Sdn Bhd.

The company has offered a one acre plot of land and RM600,000 as compensation. The committee is asking for RM1.5 million.