Kok denies incident at service centre was staged

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(NST) – DAP’s Seputeh member of parliament, Teresa Kok, yesterday denied allegations that the latest incident at her service centre involving red paint and a dead chicken was staged.

She was responding to social media posts which questioned why there were no traces of paint on the exterior side of the door grille, as well as insinuations that the incident was an inside job.

“I urge those involved to stop twisting my statement on the issue and to stop accusing me of orchestrating the incident as implied on social media.”

A satirical comic strip on Facebook had suggested that the grille at the service centre, which reportedly had been locked, should have been splattered with paint if the culprits did not have access inside.

The post depicted a picture of the chicken jumping through the grille with a pot of paint and subsequently splashing it on the stairway leading to Kok’s office before killing itself to be spared from investigations.

Kok added that she had proof that the holes in the door grille were wide enough for an arm to fit through and splash the red paint onto the stairway.

On Wednesday, Kok had called for a press conference shortly after her building management lodged a police report upon finding Kok’s portrait, a dead chicken and red paint splashed across the stairway to her office.

Kok, who had lodged reports after receiving threats related to her video clip, said she believed that the incident was related.

Brickfields police chief Assistant Commissioner Azlee Abdullah said police were viewing closed-circuit television camera recordings around the vicinity to identify the culprit.

When asked to comment on the postings on social media that the incident might have been an inside job, Azlee declined to speculate.