In latest pork incident, Guan Eng sees plot to topple government


(MM) – Lim Guan Eng has blamed the latest incident of suspected pork meat being thrown into a mosque compound on “destructive groups” bent on toppling the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) government in Penang.

The second-term chief minister cautioned that such religiously-sensitive incidents, including the firebombing at a church here last month, were bound to be repeated until the state government plunges into crisis.

“Yesterday’s incident showed that they have not given up and there is genuine concern that these destructive groups will not stop until they have achieved their purpose ,” he said in a statement issued today.

Last month, a molotov cocktail was thrown into the compound of the Church of Assumption at Lebuh Farquhar in Penang. The attack, reminiscent of similar firebombing incidents at several churches in 2009, was believed to be a reaction towards the controversial banner bearing the word “Allah” outside the church the day before.

In another incident on February 8, firecrackers were hurled at a police station in Bukit Tengah by unknown individuals.

Early yesterday morning, an assistant imam of the Cherok Tok Kun Atas Mosque in Machang Bubok here found a piece of raw meat believed to be pork at the entrance of the mosque compound.

According to a report in Malay daily Sinar Harian yesterday, Sekolah Menengah Haji Zainal Abidin Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) chairman Nor Amin Ahmad claimed to have caught three men handing out what he described as “bibles” at another school in the vicinity.

He was quoted as saying that the “bibles” were titled “Kenalilah Al Kitab (Know the Bible)” and contained the words “Sebuah panorama Firman Allah dalam 366 bacaan dan renungan harian” (The Word of God in 366 daily readings and reflections).

The school teacher also alleged that there have been acts of proselytisation among the students themselves.

But the report did not specify if the students allegedly given the material are Muslim or whether a police report has been lodged.

Lim questioned the validity of the report, pointing out that despite earning attention in the press, no police reports have been lodged against the three men.

He said the Penang state government is in close contact with the police to deal with these attempts at disturbing public peace and disrupting public order.

Lim also expressed confidence that the Penang police are on top of the situation and will take all necessary steps to check and stop these destructive elements.

“However until that is done, the people of Penang has to remain calm and united as well as continue with their daily lives normally,” he said.