Dear Anwar Ibrahim…

You have done a lot politically but little or nothing productively, the writer tells Anwar in an open letter

By Medecci Lineil, FMT

Let me declare something here. First of all. I am very concerned about the political crisis in Malaysia. There is too much faith and hypocrisy in the solutions offered to address the crisis, which I think smacks of naïvety.

For Pakatan Rakyat, your brilliant strategist, your so called Majlis Pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat, your consensus members and supporters, the crisis might be celebrated as an endorsement of progressive or new politics.

Second, as a Sarawakian and Malaysian, I am very frustrated by the pervasive attitude and failure of you and Pakatan Rakyat leaders which has brought Malaysia to a new low in confidence.

This is why I oppose and never trust politicians and governments because you and your allies in principles are unreliable, you don’t improve the people’s lives, you manipulate the people with rhetoric and oratory skills instead.

I am frustrated by your thinking, public policies and your government’s steadfast refusal to recognise that people are suffering from the combined results of government intervention and control of our economy.

Young Malaysians can’ find jobs. Young entrepreneurs can’t get credit. High cost of living. Inflation. Large government spending. Mounting national debt. Low real wages. Too much taxation. Too low personal savings. Over consumption. Welfare state. Price control and a lot more. All of which you are very aware of.

My question is what have you done?

You have done a lot politically but nothing productively. As I’ve said earlier in my articles, the main reason for the existence of government is to destroy production, money and the people. That’s it!

Have faith in the market system

You know the cause and effect of these economic problems and I know you are smarter than this. You’re just too cowardly to admit that the government and politicians are the opposite force of freedom and liberty.

I’ve read enough of your Orange Book, party manifesto, policy speeches in Parliament, your dozens of intellectual lectures but I am not convinced simply because capitalism is incompatible with people like you and government.

You engineered an election to show off to your opponents, naming candidates, press conferences, public forums, media interviews and polling the votes; decide who should win, who should lose. This is your routine, right?

For you and your brilliant strategist, it is good political engineering but if you think this election would bring ‘whatever’ crisis to an end, I am sorry because it seems to me, insolvable and remarkably stupid.

The more government there is and the more elections there are the more waste of taxpayers’ money. You cannot improve our lives because you are not a ‘gift’ from God. I think that is insane.