I cannot retract PKNS dismissal letters, Khalid tells Azmin


(The Star) – PKR deputy president Azmin Ali got a snub from Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim who insists that he will not apologise or retract the dismissal letters of 22 PKNS Holdings Sdn Bhd contract staff.

Speaking to reporters at a Chinese New Year event in Cheras here, the mentri besar said Azmin “doesn’t understand the law” as the retrenchment was done according to procedures.

“I can’t retract (the dismissal letters). This means that he doesn’t understand the law. We can’t neglect the interest of the people of Selangor and PKNS just to please a selected few,” he said.

Khalid said it was normal for a company to dismiss contract staff and one shouldn’t be too emotional about it.

“They were terminated through the right channel and procedure. If they feel it is not fair, they can always bring this matter to the industrial court,” said Khalid.

On Friday, Azmin described the dismissal orders as a “violation of employment laws and grossly inhumane”.

He urged Khalid to stop using PKNS as a personal weapon against his political rivals.

Khalid denied doing so, saying he was just carrying out his duty as a mentri besar in the interest of the people.

“When I took an oath (as an MB) in front of the Sultan of Selangor, he had asked me to carry out my duty with honesty and responsibility.

“I am not doing my job in favour of my friends, I am doing my job based on responsibilites,” he said, stressing that he never discriminated anybody, including Azmin.

“Azmin has been in the state (government) for so long and he is my friend. But if there are things that need to be fixed, we need to fix them,” he said.

On Tuesday, 22 staff members of PKNS Holdings Bhd, including senior personnel, were sacked with immediate effect, without reason. They were given two month’s salary as compensation.

The termination came following an unceremonious dismissal of Azmin from PKNS board of directors amid reported rivalry between him and Khalid.