Anwar assured of Chinese votes

Kajang by-election

The only concern is the turnout on polling day, says a former Kajang assemblyman

K. Pragalath, FMT

Kajang Chinese will continue to support Pakatan Rakyat, according to community leaders here, including the previous two assemblymen for the constituency.

Lee Kim Sin, who was the assemblyman between 2008 and 2013, said his only concern was to ensure a good turnout of voters on polling day.

Kim Sin and his successor Lee Chin Cheh, who are both PKR members, have lost no time in wooing Chinese support for the party since the latter vacated the Kajang seat on Jan 27 to force the March 23 by-election.

“We are confident of the Chinese community’s support,” Kim Sin told FMT last night.

“We are only concerned about the voter turnout since the Chinese here know that the result will not lead to a change in government.”

He said he was working on the ground to overcome the problem.

Chin Cheh meanwhile acknowledged that the party was initially worried that his resignation, coming so soon after the general election in May last year, might have a negative impact on the voting trend.

He said he had been explaining the reasons for the sudden decision and “so far the response from the Chinese community has been good”.

Chin Cheh was one of the speakers last night at a community gathering in Taman Prima Saujana here.

In the speech, he acknowledged the community’s dissatisfaction with the performance of the Kajang municipal council (MPKJ), but he told his audience he was confident that Anwar Ibrahim, the Pakatan candidate in the by-election, would be able to set things right.

“I have not been able to resolve the problems at MPKJ,” he said. “The council president and council members haven’t met for months.

“However, Kajang people are lucky because Anwar will solve these problems.”