‘Umno-friendly officers undermining Khalid’


Umno-friendly officers are sabotaging the policies of local councils and Selangor state government

Zefry Dahalan, FMT

Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim has failed to reform or take action against the officers of the state secretariat, local councils and government-linked companies who are Umno loyalists trying to sabotage the state government, said PKR and PAS leaders.

The two leaders told FMT that when PAS, PKR and DAP councillors proposed people-friendly policies, there were top officers who would ignore the proposal or would not implement the policies effectively.

The PAS leader said this was a form of sabotaging the state government and the officers had no respect for local councillors.

“We are not suggesting Khalid to witch hunt Umno-friendly officers but he must be stern and make sure these officers follow the policies adopted by the state government and implement it accordingly.

“If the officers fail to implement the policies, action must be taken to boot them out and replace them with Pakatan-friendly officers.

“These council officers are not following the aspiration of the state government. We are now into the second term, but Khalid did not do anything to arrest this unhealthy situation.

“For example, the increase in business premises licence fees was approved by the BN government in 2007 but the Pakatan government put it on hold in 2008. However, last year Khalid implemented the new fees after listening to the council officers,” he said.

The PAS leader said it was a norm in pasar malam management, including rent collection, that the committee people must be from the same area.

“Here, we have pasar malam management given by local councils to committees from other areas.

“So we see all this unpopular decisions by local councils is sabotaging the state government,” he said.

He added that when you have these illogical procedures on managing pasar malam and increasing business licence fees and assessment rate, the people would show their anger towards the Pakatan Rakyat state government and not the local councils.

“If this goes unchecked, the people will show their anger towards state government and we may lose Selangor in next general election.

“Unfortunately, Khalid does not see these simple political tricks.

“We aware there is a ‘grand design’ by BN to take over Selangor in the next general election and we suspect all these developments are part of it,” he said.