Of betrayals and treasonous conduct

Kajang by-election

FMT LETTER: From Dominic Damian, via e-mail

We are mired in discussions, opinions and accusations with regard to the Kajang episode and  the cream of the political intelligence, NGOs, lawyers, judges, analyst, bloggers and the ordinary citizen have expressed their views about this matter.

In my humble opinion the voice of reason, justice and morality have been compromised by so many parties that one expressing what may be the simple truth is viewed as exceptional and extraordinary. Opinions that emanates from a cross section has been varied and legitimate, perhaps it is time to hear what a simple citizen has to offer.

The cream of the political strategist and intelligence from both opposition and government of the day  have shown themselves to be devoid of either of the substances or foundation which allows for greatness to take root in our quest for nationhood. We have persons from the main opposition party who are the calibre, yardstick and measurement of no less than Rafizi Ramili, N Surendran, and Selena Tay coming up with what they deem as conceivable and acceptable excuses as reasons for a by-election is a stated requirement to save a state.

The Pakatan coalition already enjoys an overwhelming majority in Selangor and we are being spoonfed with the infant formula of rational that Pakatan have reasons in excess of the citizen’s intelligence to force the Kajang by-election. The maturity of any party resides on a platform of equality granted for all. Here we see a leader of the coalition elevated to God like status of worship.

The only person who can save the country so it seems is Anwar Ibrahim. This is not arrogance that belongs to Anwar but to his supporters who have lost all semblance or reality on the ground. We have 29 million people and it’s an insult to each person’s vote and intelligence that we only have one person from such a wide pool of people who can manage the country? What sort of nonsense are we espousing and advocating.

I have and will always have a soft spot for Anwar Ibrahim on account of the trauma inflicted upon him and his family by the unjust and merciless incarceration that he had suffered under the Government of the day. This is empathy is not just for Anwar Ibrahim but for all who are or who have been detained under dubious circumstances. I am of the opinion that Anwar and his family still suffer various forms of injustice. The opposition personalities also have my empathy due to the difficulties that we have in the system but this should never be used as a passport or licence to do as one pleases.

Our opposition party is showing a lack of maturity and is in grave danger of being a mirror image of the party/s they are trying to replace.

  • If one were to elevate a person to God-like, hero worship and cult like status  and project the person as the only one who can save a country it is unfortunately detrimental as it means that the partners and stake holders in the country – the ‘you’ and ‘I’s’ are persons who are expandable and lack the intelligence to understand the goings on. We must realise that the cult like worship status of a certain Doctor has placed us in this detrimental and unenviable position
  • It is a recognised, understood and accepted fact that there are existing laws and provisions in the law that allow for by-elections. Though one may have legitimate excuses which are supported by law it does not mean that we become squalid and spineless individuals who will use the analogical  excuses of strategy, advantage, and the so called big picture to have a by-election. Again the credibility and respect of politicians towards the citizens  is found wanting, our taxes can be squandered and dispensed in any manner deemed fit by either opposition or Government. If one were to quantify and qualify the amounts spent either on party or state and federal bi-elections, one should not be surprised that stupendous amounts that could have been used would have been expanded. I am not a financial analyst but I am sure that we would by now have enough money to dignify the lives of persons at large if we did not engage in
  • Clean elections and cheap democracy is what Surendran expresses, How good is your democracy when the actions taken seem to defy the simplest logic? Or another statement by Rafizi expresses that Khalid Ibrahim is good statesman but a lousy politician. If this is strategy that is of such security in its brilliance and bold  in excess by its content and execution,  or is this a strategy of the highest intellectual order? If it is then we can safely assume that Malaysia is a lost cause. On the presumption we the citizens are dimwits can we assume we the dimwits are allowing ourselves to be led by the smartest of dimwits. The imbecileian nature of our politics leaves me hanging my head in despair.
  • We also have the question of personal moral values. It is pathetic and unacceptable when we allow varied forms of intellectual justification to express the need of a bi-election. What is the preeminent rational which motivates and gives precedence to politics over the honour that we ought to have for each person’s  life and that persons dignity? Laws or personal morality? Can the morality of our daily life speak to the internal compass of conscience in our souls and  affirm that our constructive actions  secure

–  Equality for all.

–  Justice and mercy

–  Eradication of  hunger and poverty.

–  Care for the varied marginalised in our midst

–  Quality of healthcare

–  Life term education

–  Security

If our opposition is of a calibre or quality they will not just write some fancy documented manifestos but apply a practical living manifesto in the way they conduct themselves with respect for their own is a real insight. This forced, targeted or strategic Kajang bi-election reveals glaring inadequacies.

If the opposition is uncertain and uncomfortable with the overwhelming majority they enjoy, it means that they are simply incompetent and insecure about how to manage a state. How are we to trust the opposition to manage a country when fear is prevalent in their governance?