Former PKR members pledge to campaign against Anwar

Kajang by-election

(MM) – More than 3,000 former PKR leaders and members will campaign against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to expose the “political theatrics” involved in the Kajang by-election.

Former PKR founding member Ng Lum Yong told the Malay language daily, Berita Harian, that the focus of the campaign will be to remind Kajang voters about the Opposition leader’s character and to show that he is trying to manipulate them, including trying to divert attention from his sodomy court case.

“Right now we are still looking at strategic locations for the campaign machinery to visit. We will go to every village and settlement to explain the truth about Anwar’s politics.

“Other than presentations and lectures, this campaign or operation room will be the centre of information for voters to get information on PKR, on top of explaining issues and allegations by the opposition,” he was quoted as saying.

The MCA man also said that former Kulim Bandar Baru MP Datuk Zulkifli Nordin, Senator Ezam Mohd Noor as well as Anwar’s former secretary Anuar Shaari will be joining the campaign, which will begin as early as next week.

“I know that he can order whomever to resign in order for him to contest, even though Azmin Ali is more powerful in the state as the party’s state chairman.

“Anwar is plagued with some serious moral problems and do not have the credibility to resolve the Selangor crisis. In fact, his intervention in the state will destabilise Selangor because Anwar will put himself first before the people,” Ng said.

Meanwhile, MIC Youth chief Sivarajah Chandran told the New Straits Times that the party will back MCA should it decide to contest in the state seat.

“MCA should be given the opportunity [to prove its mettle].

“[PKR] may have their no. 1 leader contesting in Kajang, but we will ensure that [Anwar] will be rejected by the voters,” he said.

In a surprise move last week, PKR’s Lee Chin Cheh resigned as Kajang assemblyman without giving a reason, paving the way for Anwar to contest the by-election.

The move came amid media speculation that a state by-election would be triggered to pave the way for Anwar to become a member of the Selangor assembly and qualify to replace Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim as menteri besar.

While popular with the general public, Khalid’s penchant for unilateral decision-making in administering the country’s wealthiest state is understood to be a source of dissatisfaction among PR leaders in the state.