What is the Bar Council’s stand on the ‘engineered’ by-election in Kajang?



Hither, where are you the champions of democracy and free elections Bar Council?

It looks like the Bar Council only champions rights in this country when it doesn’t involve a certain individual.

We do not have to go that far back to remember Bar Council parachuting 89 volunteers for Bersih street demonstrations in the run up to the 13th General Elections last year.

Now a certain individual has forced his elected representative to resign in order to fulfill his natural/unnatural needs. The word chameleon is too kind to describe the person.

In such a situation the silence of the Bar Council is deafening.

Where are the champions of Bar Council who portray themselves as the protectors of human rights, democracy, good governance and free/fair elections?

What is the Bar Council’s stand on the ‘engineered’ by-election in Kajang?

Shouldn’t the Bar Council be pushing for an amendment of the existing legislation to prevent the recurrence of similar antics of desperate politics?

As a member of Bar Council I understand the risk I’m taking by voicing out these concerns but I believe in calling a spade a spade. The Bar Council today appears like nothing but a multipurpose vehicle for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, for his wimp and fancies.

The general perception is that the Bar Council has become more a tool for Pakatan Rakyat than its origin intended purpose of being.

Recently a police report was lodged against a prominent lawyer (also a prominent DAP politician) for allegedly telling lies about a legal notice/letter to the Registrar of Societies.

There have been multiple statements in the media against the lawyer for his ‘dubious’ public statement. The often loud DAP lawyer is surprisingly silent even after a police report was lodged against him and the Bar Council has also chosen to be silent, as expected.

Has the Bar Council now become a lackey of a certain political divide?

In the spirit of Chinese New Year, amidst the raging controversy over Kalimah Allah, could some truth please prevail?

The Bar Council’s continued silence will mean my immediate suspension from all committee posts and will propel the Bar Council to the heights of the international human rights committee.

The Malaysian Bar Council’s unequivocal support and admiration for one man over and above the rights of the people on this country, and the ethics of the legal profession, must be told.

I recognize and am proud of the Bar Council for being recipients of various international human rights awards but please take a deep breath and look inwards, this is Malaysia.     

Ranjit Singh Dhillon 


Penang Criminal Law Committee