PSM going for Kajang seat? Why not?


(The Ant Daily) – What is there to stop Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) from entering the fray in the coming by-election for the Kajang state seat? Nothing.

In fact, PSM has every reason to throw its hat into the ring. For one, it is a duly registered political party now and has been working the ground much longer than PKR. The Kajang district also happens to be one area where it has made its presence felt for many years.

Two, it also has credible and qualified candidates in its chairman Dr Nasir Hashim and secretary-general S Arutchelvan. Both are political veterans.

Nasir is the former state assemblyman for Kota Damansara while Arutchelvan had contested the nearby Semenyih seat (next to Kajang) several times, including in last May’s general election.

Three, “to teach PKR a lesson”, in the words of Arutchelvan. Yes, why not? There seems to be a general consensus among civil society groups and the public at large that PKR must be taught a lesson. They view the Kajang by-election as nothing more than resolving an internal party problem. So Arutchelvan is not alone.

According to The Star Online, Arutchelvan stated that many have urged the party to fill the seat left vacant after PKR’s Lee Chin Cheh tendered his resignation on Jan 27.

“PSM will check feedback and decide with our members. At this moment we are not ruling out anything,” he said.

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