Kajang rep quits to pave way for Anwar?


The plan to replace Selangor MB with Anwar gains momentum with Kajang rep stepping down

(FMT) – PKR’s Kajang state rep Lee Chin Cheh has tendered his resignation letter to the Selangor state assembly speaker earlier today, party sources told FMT.

The sources said this was to pave the way for PKR’s de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim to contest in the ensuing by-election, and then to become the new Selangor Menteri Besar if he wins the by-election.

This is the party’s plan to solve the long-standing power struggle between incumbent MB Khalid Ibrahim and his nemesis Azmin Ali, who is the state PKR chief.

While no one in PKR is ready to confirm the plan, sources told FMT that senior leaders in the party have agreed to it. PAS is also said to have approved Anwar as the new MB.

However the question remains if the Selangor Sultan would approve it.