Kajang assemblyman Lee Chin Cheh resigns immediately

Lee Chin Cheh

(fz.com) – Kajang assemblyman Lee Chin Cheh tendered his resignation with immediate effect today, raising speculations that he is paving the way for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to assume the Menteri Besar’s post.
Announcing it at a press conference, Selangor State Assembly Speaker Hannah Yeoh said Lee came to see her earlier today and she accepted his resignation.
“Clause 68 of the Selangor State Constitution allows a member to resign as long as he or she signs it and submits it to the Speaker.
“An unexpected vacancy must be filled within 60 days and I will inform the Election Commission (EC) of this development tomorrow as it is too late today.
“I hereby announce that the N25 Seat Kajang has been vacated today,” Yeoh said.
Asked why Lee made the decision has decided to step down, Yeoh told reporters to “ask him personally” since the reason for his resignation was not stated in the letter.
She admitted that she had a chat with the former PKR assemblyman although she refused to comment further, especially when pressed to ask who will be filling the seat.
“N25 Kajang is PKR’s seat and they will decide,” said Yeoh.
When asked regarding rumours that Opposition de facto leader Anwar will  be taking over the seat in order for him to become the next MB, Yeoh refused to comment and only quoted the state constitution.
“I do not wish to speak of that or of the candidacy as it is premature. According to the Constitution, the Menteri Besar must be a Malay Muslim,” she said.

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