Get out or ‘we will shut you down’, group warns Lynas


(MM) – Himpunan Hijau said today it will “make sure” Lynas Corporation would not be able to operate in Kuantan if the Australian mining firm does not pack up and leave in six months’ time.

The anti-Lynas lobby said it will give the company until June 22 to comply, and has also demanded that the Australian government make a stand on the matter within the next seven days.

“We will shut you down on June 22. We are giving you six months. One-point-two million Malaysians have already signed a petition supporting us,” Himpunan Hijau chairman Wong Tack told reporters here.

When asked whether the group would resort to violence if Lynas Corp does not cease its operations, Wong simply said the “people will make sure they will not operate.”

“That is what I can say, the people will gather and a mass rally will be held right outside the plant in Gebeng,” he said.

Himpunan Hijau led a 20-man protest today and attempted to gatecrash the Australian High Commission’s National Day celebrations at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) here.

A minor scuffle ensued when Wong and several Himpunan Hijau protestors were stopped by security officials.

After some pushing and jostling, the security manager for the Australian Commission spoke to Wong and promised to convey the group’s demands to the acting high commissioner tomorrow morning.