Azmin’s removal in PKNS due to communication breakdown, says Amirudin Shaari


By Rahmah Ghazali, The Star

Selangor PKR secretary Amirudin Shaari insisted that the removal of deputy president Azmin Ali from Selangor State Economic Development Corporation (PKNS) was a case of communication breakdown rather than an indication of infighting in the party.

The Batu Caves assemblyman pointed out that Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim liked to deal with matters formally even when it comes to communication involving his party colleagues. This had resulted in a lack of consultation prior to the PKNS decision.

“We all had to write official letters whenever we wanted to communicate with him. I am not saying that official appointments are not important, but we are a big family and we should have an understanding,” he told The Star Online.

Amirudin said it was “inappropriate” for a deputy president like Azmin, who is also Bukit Antarabangsa assemblyman, to be treated in such a manner as he always maintained a good relationship with the state government when he was in PKNS’ board of directors.

“In the last general election, he returned the PKNS official car to follow a state government directive on the administration of a caretaker government.

“With such integrity, I think the state government should be appreciative of him instead of removing him like this,” said Amirudin.

It was reported last Saturday that Azmin’s term as director in the PKNS board had not been extended and he was informed about the decision on Thursday via a telephone call.

It was said that Azmin was not even given time to discuss a possible extension of his tenure in the board.

This prompted an emergency meeting of Selangor PKR on the night itself to demand that Khalid explain the situation.

“I think it was a rash decision on behalf of Khalid. Moreover, it went through without consulting the party,” said Amirudin.

He said during the extraordinary general meeting of the party last year, it was concluded that a clause be added to the party’s constitution that any change made to party-recommended positions in state government-linked companies be referred to the party’s leadership.

“Although we will support any decision made by the leadership, the party still needs to be consulted as to why such decision was made,” he said.

Azmin and Khalid had been on rival terms in PKR since Khalid was made the mentri besar after 2008 general election, as Azmin was said to be eyeing the post.

Although both have denied having a strained relationship, Azmin has been an outspoken critic of Khalid’s administration.

While maintaining that there was no power struggle in Selangor PKR, Amiruddin, however, said Azmin’s removal has given the wrong impression to the people.

“The people would be led to think that there is a crisis in the state when there is none,” he said.