PKR’s misinformation unit


Empire Strikes Back

PKR has set up a very elaborate psy-war unit under ‘strategist’ Rafizi Ramli that specialises in the politics of misinformation and disinformation. This unit was actually first started by the ‘Old Boys’ of MCKK (and staffed also by ‘Old Boys’) back in 1999 when PKR was first set up. Then it was called PKN.

Incidentally, Rafizi is also an ‘Old Boy’ of MCKK.

In 1999, this unit was called the ‘Research and Development’ unit and its job was to do research on issues that hurt Tun Dr Mahathir, Umno and Barisan Nasional. It dug extensively into government secrets and the secrets of government leaders and came out with solid exposes that embarrassed the ruling party.

Nowadays, this unit seems to come out with fabricated news items like the graphic below. The problem with this type of strategy, though, is that it can never pass the acid test because it is so ridiculous and would eventually and very quickly get proven as fake.

Rafizi’s unit needs to increase its level of sophistication and steer clear of fake reports because there is enough genuine material out there to work with. No doubt fabrications are easier as they require less work. However, once you come out with one fabrication too many, then the credibility of your exposes would suffer and one day if you come out with a genuine gem of a report people would reject it as just another of your many fabrications.