Phantasmagoria of Pakatan Rakyat


Pakatan Rakyat leaders think they are mightier and know it all, all the time. Nevertheless the reality speaks otherwise

Narinder Singh, FMT

Phantasmagoria: phan·tas·ma·go·ria. noun fan-ˌtaz-mə-ˈgȯr-ē-ə\. : a confusing or strange scene that is like a dream because it is always changing in an odd way.

The blind leading the blind. That describes best the current situation on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) talks. Other than some sporadic leaked documents that have questionable authenticity pertaining to the TPPA issue, there seem nothing solid to nail the entire TPPA as being suppressive to participating nations.

An agreement that encircles the globe into a common economic and legal net can possibly develop nations towards a more harmonized economic advantage. It does not make sense to assume that all the independent governments engaged in the TPPA negotiations are nincompoops that would want their independence, sovereignty and domestics markets raped and violated by the Americans.

Let’s look at the situation in our own backyard for the matter. Pakatan Rakyat and pro-opposition non-governmental organisations or movements are dead against the TPPA by solely relying on leaked documents and hearsay.

The entire TPPA fiasco has been transformed into an ugly monster by this self centered personalities. Why should anybody believe their spins just because they are against the government?

How transparent has the opposition been themselves for the record.

What has the opposition done thus far for the betterment of the ordinary rakyat in the opposition states? Property prices are soaring in Penang and cost of living has skyrocketed due to higher rentals on the island state.

Food prices have hit the ceiling and at times far more expensive compared to Kuala Lumpur. The road system in Penang just sucks to the highest degree and choked to the brim come weekends and public holidays.

And yet the Chief Minister has the gall to say that the opposition has done lots for the Penangites. What a buffoonery!

Come on, Penang is slowly but surely being turned into Singapore with Chinese supremacy. By large the island’s assets are in the hands of the Chinese as they already have a lead start in the economy there.

Prime commercial properties, business centers and hubs, entertainment outlets and even hawker centers are monopolised by the Chinese. And lately the state government has been on the spree to harness more investments from mainland China to further their racially skewed agenda in the state.

The minority Indians and Malays have been minnowed and pushed to the outer circles of the political, social and economic circles.

The Penang state has also sinned by taking lands of the poor Indians in the name of development and yet keep on ranting about all the unfairness exhibited by the federal government.

No better in Selangor

On the other end of the spectrum, Selangor is no better in managing the state. In the name of false brotherhood, the Menteri Besar is seen to be toeing the footsteps of Big Brother Lim Guan Eng.

Boasting a surplus state budget, the Selangor MB seemed blind to what is happening at ground level ever since taking office. Coming from a corporate environment, he runs the state more like a power crazy CEO gunning down the miniscule looking needs of the rakyat.

Just take a drive around Shah Alam, Klang, and other suburban areas of Selangor and you will be greeted with large craters on the road.

In some areas the roads look like from a war torn zone, and yet he sits on his pedestal unwarily, looking high and mighty. A government that can’t even fix potholes with quality surfacing and reinforcement for the basic needs speaks a lot about his team members.

And what has happened to all the promises of providing affordable housings for the poor and middle income earners in Selangor? On the contrary PKNS is seen more often than not building million dollar properties in Selangor that majority of the bumiputera community cannot afford at the moment.

Is not he being the Malay version of Guan Eng in the opposition front? Taking care of the rich to make his state coffers fatter and heavier but the pockets of the Selangoreans emptier into deficits.

Khalid forgets that the state belongs to the people and it is not another blue chip counter on the Bursa. If there is surplus, why has he not reduced the various taxes and fees for small and medium enterprises, retailers and even the assessments rates of Selangoreans?

Is this surplus not indicating that the state government has been overtaxing their people thus there is so much savings?

A responsible government must not only be transparent and accountable when there is deficit but also when there is a surplus. A surplus budget can also mean that the government is indeed immorally collecting a premium from the rakyat and in principle squeezing our monies for their political gain.

In other words the rakyat is still the loser. How come a corporate man like Khalid could not strike a leveled budget for the benefit of the larger crowd?

It only goes on to show his greed for accolades and power. The Selangor government has blinded its citizens by throwing pittance to them.