Muslim scholars urged Muslims to unite

(NST) – Disunity among Muslims will only benefits the enemies of Islam, said Ummul Qura university aqidah profesor Lutfullah Khaujah.

He said it is better for Muslims to focus on similarities to foster unity, than to fight among themselves due to disagreements between different groups.

“The enemies of Islam will rejoice if Muslims fight among themselves over some differing views,”

“Muslim should instead focus on the basic tenets of Islam which everyone agrees on as the basis to unite,” he said.

Speaking at a press conference at the Putra World Trade Centre here yesterday, Lutfullah said Muslims in Malaysia are fortunate to have the presence of Islam highlighted prominently by Islamic institutions such as the syariah court.

Also present at the press conference were Masjidil Haram imam Halid Ali Alablaji Al Ghamidi and the Saudi Arabia embassy Islamic counsellor Dr Abdul Rahman Al Belaihi.

Umno Youth exco Fathul Bari Jahaya acted as interpreter for them.

Asked about allegations in opposition-friendly websites that Halid was a Wahabi sect follower and the Friday prayer at PWTC led by Halid being void, Lutfullah said there is no such thing as a Wahabi sect.

“We are of the Hambali sect and part of the ahli sunnah wal jamaah (Sunni). The term ‘Wahabi’ has never been part of the Muslim lexicon,” he said.

He pointed out that such differing views will only drive Muslims to fight among themselves. Commenting about the contention that hudud implementation is a prequisite for an Islamic country, he said Muslims should emulate Prophet Muhammad where Islamic laws are concerned.

“Even the prohibition of alcohol came in stages, beginning with highlighting its negative effects and then the banning of those who had consumed alcohol from the places for solah (prayer),” he said.

Lutfullah and Halid both lauded the proposal to add ahli sunnah wal jamaah to define Islam in the Constitution.

Halid said it will help curb the spread of teachings that are detrimental to Islam.

“The Muslims in Malaysia should stand behind the government in its efforts to strengthen Islam and its institutions,”

He said the presence of Islam is already strong in Malaysia and further strengthening should be done in stages.