The 3 dilemmas of DAP

the real and only Tiger of Jelutong
& not a mangy cat, wakakaka

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Whenever I whacked Anwar Ibrahim and/or PKR, wakakaka, My visitor looes74 would urge me to whack Najib and UMNO, and when I didn’t, would accuse me of having a ‘soft spot’ for the PM, wakakaka.

Mind you, when I did, that is, whack Najib and/or UMNO, he seldom acknowledged it. Alas for poor kaytee, wakakaka!

 did I miss targeting my ‘soft spot’?


Though I don’t have to explain nor justify why I blogged on certain topics (or absence of) I will anyway, for I have a ‘soft spot’ for looes74, ‘too’ if I were to include my alleged ‘soft spot’ for Najib, wakakaka.

A blogger writes on what he or she wants to write, which is why he or she becomes a blogger in the first place; sometimes the topic posted coincides with the wishlist of a visitor, but sometimes it won’t, but when the latter occurs it shouldn’t invite the sort of attitude that low-brow George Bush had threateningly and uglily displayed, namely, ‘either you’re with us or against us’ or variants of it such as ‘having a soft spot’ for the ‘enemy’, wakakaka.

bully boys, like looes74?


An example of why at times I won’t post certain topics is when I sense my effort on the topic would be so obviously ineffective in the overall blogging landscape, to wit, my posting would be a mere drop in the ocean, as would be in a post on, say, the case of a predictable outburst during UMNO’s recent assembly, that of the call for 1Melayu instead of 1Malaysia, or even Najib’s boast to his party gallery that UMNO had won the popular vote in many states.

Above two items would be bloody trite lah, wakakaka. Indeed, there’d be more than a few bloggers hopping, harping and hullabaloo-ing on those topics, wakakaka.

However, what attracted me has been FMT’s article titled Leave if DAP stays with PAS, Karpal told. The owner of that reported statement is Tunku Aziz, erstwhile DAP member and former DAP senator, wakakaka.

More than a year ago I had written of his acrimonious departure from DAP in my post DAP’s comedy (or tragedy) of errors with Tunku Aziz in which I also showed my ‘soft spot’ wakakaka for Tunku by explaining what I thought was hurtful to an elderly patrician gentleman. That’s because I understand people like Tunku want respect due to their elderly and senior status. In that post I had concluded rather hopefully as follows:

Nonetheless, I feel rather sad that Tunku has decided to end his association with DAP and in particular Lim GE in such an acrimonious manner.

But I am glad that Guan Eng has firmly closed the issue in a gracious manner …

his rift with DAP started from this, but sadly didn’t end there 

… which alas, was not to be because following his departure from the erstwhile comradeship of DAP he lamentably went beyond the pale (went beyond boundaries of decency) when he questioned the ethnicity of Zairil Khir, the son of the late Khir Johari. I then wrote:

The fact is in doing so, Tunku would have had the Constitutional whistle blown at him for being off-side, while the reality is he had been hurtfully racist in casting a slur on Zairil’s lack of Malayness, as that of a ‘lesser Malay’ because he was born a Chinese and subsequently adopted by Khir Johari – and let me repeat what I had written then, he broke my heart in that lamentable action.

Zairil Khir Johari, a ‘lesser Melayu’ to Tunku Aziz? 

Okay, I know that Tunku was hurt by Lim Guan Eng, and as hell hath no fury like a proud patrician scorned, he was no doubt getting back at the DAP sec-gen, but I was gobsmacked flabbergasted by Tunku’s meanness towards Zairil …

… and excuse my tautology of ‘gobsmacked flabbergasted’ but those two words were absolutely necessary to indicate my deep shock that a patrician like Tunku could become so ‘ordinary’, in fact ‘ordinarily’ nasty.

Consider how Josh Hong had described him in Malaysiakini’s Tunku Aziz and the Dewan Negara, relevant extracts as follows:

Coming from a prominent background (distantly related to the Kedah royalty) and having been very much a part of Malaysia’s high society ….., […] 

This, together with his relatively liberal and diverse family roots, …

Have the above been misplaced?

Also read my other BolehTalk post on Tunku Aziz titled Noblesse oblige missing.
So we have him at it again, this time against Karpal Singh, though in this latest episode (and I’m sure there’ll be more episodes from Tunku Aziz, wakakaka) there is an unfortunate lot of truth in his taunt at Bhai.

Look, I may be someone who voted for and support DAP but I’m not the type who would Myrmidon-ishly snap at critics of the Rocket ship …

… which finally brings me to the topic for this post, about the DAP’s 3 dilemmas,namely:
  • To be allied to PAS or not?
  • To be more flexible in accepting new membership especially and particularly from Malays?
  • To be the same old DAP or a brand new model?
Of course the 3 dilemmas would be, nay, have to be inter-related in more than one way.
Okay then, as the King said gravely to Alice kaytee in WonderBolehland, let’s “Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop,” so let’s discuss the first dot-point, as prompted by Tunku Aziz’s taunt, of DAP’s difficult if not dodgy alliance with the Islamic party.