Umno MP defends ROS against DAP attacks

(Bernama) – Claims by DAP members of parliament that the Registrar of Societies (ROS) was being used by the government to monitor or deregister political parties which oppose Umno is a rude accusation, said Barisan Nasional MP for Tanjung Karang Noh Omar.

He said allegations such as ‘Umno dog’ and an intimidation suit against ROS was made without taking into account the organisation’s role in ensuring democracy, rights of political parties and the proper functioning of non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

“I see speeches and statements of DAP leaders, and I want to bring up this matter because I find the condemnations were made solely due to the actions taken by ROS against DAP.

“So, I want to ask the minister or ROS if they can tell us the status regarding the selection of the new DAP Central Executive Committee (CEC) held on Sept 29,” he said when debating the Supply Bill 2014 for the Ministry of Home Affairs in Parliament here, last night.

Before this, DAP publicity chief Tony Pua, who is also MP for Petaling Jaya Utara, Liew Chin Tong (Kluang) and Karpal Singh (Bukit Gelugor) slammed the ROS for its action against DAP, calling the organisation ‘Umno’s dog’ which was being used by the government and Umno.

They also threatened to sue the organisation (ROS) if it continued with its actions.