Doubts about the “unity plan” 

Many people believe that if they really have a “unity plan”, it is because both the factions have no full confidence in winning the election and thus, they can only compromise.  

Lim Mun Fah, Sin Chew Daily 

While everyone is waiting for the three-corner fight for the MCA president post, there are some inside voices claiming a sharp turn for the situation as the Chua and Liow factions have reached a preliminary “unity plan” to avoid an internecine outcome.

Indeed, there is neither permanent enemy in politics, nor permanent friend.

In politics, outsiders can never see through the situation before it is finalised. Therefore, whether the saying is true or not, I can only say that truth can never be falsified.

Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek is still the wily party president who neither admits or denies the rumour. He said that he is willing to negotiate and it is now neither too early nor too late to negotiate. However, he also said that no MCA leader has talked about “unity plan” with him so far. With a sloven and noncommittal attitude, he leaves it to the people to continuously guessing. The only thing he said is, the MCA has no condition for infighting.

However, the rumour has even included a preliminary lineup. It seems to indicate that it is, after all, not totally groundless. There must be negotiations but it is a different matter whether it brings a positive or negative outcome.

At first glance, the “unity plan” seems to have involved equal numbers of leaders from both factions, leading towards a check and balance situation. However, if Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai and Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong are to become the party president and deputy president, and two more from the Liow faction are going to fill two of the four vice-president posts, isn’t it mean that the Liow faction will be in complete control? Would the Chua faction compromise so easily? I really doubt it. And I believe that even if they are having a negotiation over compromises, the possibility of changes is still great.

It is noteworthy that if the “unity plan” can really be implemented, would the MCA be more united, continue the fight or become more chaotic? What are the differences between a new team with equal numbers from two factions who check and balance each other and the existing chaotic team?

Many people believe that if they really have a “unity plan”, it is because both the factions have no full confidence in winning the election and thus, they can only compromise. Although the extraordinary general meeting has proven that Chua has nearly 900 of iron votes, the Chua faction is still facing a dilemma of lacking in suitable candidates in the evenly matched battle. Although they have roped in Gan Ping Sieu, many in the Chua faction are still worried as he used to be a follower of Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat. The lack in experience is another weakness. In other words, fielding Gan made the Chua faction have no full confidence to win and they are worried that it might end up in another failure, just like the motion to censure Liow. However, they cannot just throw Gan out of the new leadership lineup either, could they?