Racial discrimination under 1Malaysia slogan


Recently an Indian police officer went to my house for an investigation over cow slaughtering issue. I have told the headmaster clearly that I am living overseas so why are police looking for me? When the time comes, I will inform PDRM and let us meet each other. Till then, be patient.

If at all police are eager to investigate me, they should first investigate Perkasa’s running boys, papagomo and the school HMs around Malaysia who agreed to animal cruelty in schools. Lately, Second Education Minister Idris Jusoh said that there is a circular issued in 1976 that states that religious programs can be held in schools. We would like to read the circular itself and my question in the video was very clear – with whom the school HM got permission and I asked him to send me the proof but till today the whole Malaysian education ministry has failed to show the letter. 

I urge the Prime Minister to answer my questions. Where does it state in the constitution that cow slaughtering in schools is permitted. If this can’t be answered, please stop the cruelty. As per my knowledge, even moderate Turkey will not slaughter cows in schools. I have been to school for 13 years, I never heard of cow slaughtering in the schools which I have studied. Do not make schools into suraus. The Education Department should respect other races who are studying in the school.

The government should cancel the registration of Perkasa, ISMA and take action against UMNO ministers who stir racial sentiments in Malaysia regarding the cow slaughtering issue and other issues too. Last week, Minister Shahidan Kassim said no PSC for the Indian community because Indians are prominent as lawyers and doctors. This kind of minister should be arrested immediately for causing racial tension but due to double standards in Malaysia, the UMNO-led government will hide the issue under the carpet. 
Racist UMNO-friendly NGOs are causing unwanted problems in Malaysia but the law is lenient for them. I urge the PM to throw out his racist ministers before I come back to face the police. The cow slaughtering issue is a simple issue where multi-racial schools are turned into slaughterhouses and the Education Department and their ministers should respect other races. Do not misuse the percentage of the large population. We Malaysians do not see the real meaning of PM Najib’s 1Malaysia. Please explain the meaning to us.

The cow slaughtering act doesnt align with the education syllabus or school co-curriculum in any part of the world.

Celebrating cow slaughtering in the school will make kids psychologically traumatized. Even if the teachers and students were asked not to “see” the slaughter, fine, but one can always “hear” the slaughter being carried out.

In any country, any parliament in the world would never approve such an inhumane act of slaughtering animals in the schools. It is a great disgrace for the country. All schools should follow world educational guidelines, definitely animal slaughtering will not be part of the system. The Malaysian parliament should come to a decision to respect non-violence.

Cow slaughtering in schools can cause POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER. PTSD develops after a terrifying ordeal that was witnessed after a harmful event has happened to animals or humans. War soldiers and victims have faced the syndrome and this disorder also affects people who work in slaughter houses.