Emotionally blackmailed Malaysians desire change but fear to act


Malays who are pro-opposition but who are not civil servants face additional challenges. They are denied various opportunities and benefits, such as being unsuccessful in bids for a government tender, having their application for educational grants rejected and their request for government land turned down.

Mariam Mokhtar, The Ant Daily 

Millions of Malaysians have spent their entire lives in the captivity of Umno-Baru and the Barisan Nasional (BN), and they do not know any other type of government. They are not used to anything different, so they would be confused if they were given the smallest amount of extra freedom.

Enslaved Malaysians only accept things which are familiar. Just imagine how difficult it is for them to grasp some of the most important aspects of everyday life, such as the rule of law, democracy, human rights and equality.

Reports of a 69-year-old Malaysian woman who has been kept as a slave, with two others, in England, for the past 30 years have shocked the world. It is a story that resonates with Malaysians.

Just like the three enslaved women, Malaysians are victims of emotional blackmail. Despite wanting change to improve their lives and the lives of their children, many Malaysians are repressed by an invisible force which stops them from rejecting Umno-Baru.

The rakyat, principally the Malay community, has been brainwashed into thinking that only Umno-Baru can “save” them, protect their way of life, their rulers, their language and their religion. They are told that a vote for the opposition will lead to a nation ruled and dominated by Chinese and Christians, whilst Malays will become beggars.

Details are sketchy, but the three London women were beaten and emotionally manipulated by the suspects, a married couple from Tanzania and India. The women were rescued when one of them watched a television programme and contacted the Freedom Charity.

Policemen handling the case said that there was a possibility that there were thousands of others who are being held in similar circumstances. Malaysians empathise. Many of us are like those women, being held captive against our will, unable to free our minds of the pervasive influence of Umno-Baru.

I have no intention of trivialising the London women’s experience, but there are many similarities between their plight and ours.

Various British newspapers say that the women were forced into a life of servitude. To their neighbours and outsiders, the suspects gave the impression of being a “normal family”.

Isn’t this similar to Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s representation on the world stage of Malaysia as a nation of moderate Muslims? Only Malaysians know that extremism and nationalist policies dominate. An ignorant and ill-informed rakyat will always pay homage to Umno-Baru. Didn’t Najib also say he would tackle corruption, and yet he and his cabinet ministers are allegedly still implicated in many corruption scandals?

The British policemen describe “invisible handcuffs” being used to metaphorically shackle the women, at a house in south London. Sadly, Malaysians know only too well what it is like to be restrained by “invisible handcuffs”, with civil servants and students suffering most from Umno-Baru’s enforced enslavement.

It is alleged that teachers who vote for the opposition can be traced by the serial number on their ballot papers. This is a means of control and it forces everyone who values his job to vote Umno-Baru.

It is also alleged that civil servants who attend opposition ceramahs face a bleak future. They are denied promotions, unlike their peers who climb speedily up the career ladder. This means of control ensures loyalty to Umno-Baru. Civil servants are not enamoured of Umno-Baru policies, but they are forced to toe the line.

Students who attend opposition marches also allege discrimination by the college authorities. Scholarships may be withdrawn. Student leader Adam Adli faced a severe punishment and was suspended from college.

The subtle message is that if you are anti-Umno-Baru or anti-BN, your career prospects and future will be severely restricted. These are not the acts of a democratic government, but more the by-products of a tyrannical government. As long as we think we cannot escape Umno-Baru, we will forever be their slaves.

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