Stand up to allies on Islamic affairs, Islamist group tells PAS, Umno

(MM) – Following PAS’ show of readiness, Islamist group Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA) has offered itself today to facilitate a discussion between the Islamist party and Umno in an attempt to implement Islamic administration in Malaysia.

Predicting resistance from PAS and Umno’s allies in both Pakatan Rakyat (PR) and Barisan Nasional (BN), ISMA also told the two parties to stand up to any pressure from others.

“PAS is urged to not be bound and bow down to urges from DAP and must show its strength in achieving the goal of implementing Islam. PAS must be ready to exit PR if their political allies do not agree (with them),” said ISMA deputy president Aminuddin Yahya in a statement here.

“Likewise, Umno must be brave in facing any urges from MCA and MIC.”

Aminuddin described PAS’ remark as a stepping stone towards unity among Muslims, and urged Umno to accept PAS’ offer without any conditions.

“ISMA is ready to be the middlemen. Therefore, it is hoped that this call is not just rhetoric, but was born out of PAS’ sincerity to exalt Islam in Malaysia,” he added.

“We’ve been waiting for this. Umno is urged to accept this call unconditionally. It will test how sincere Umno is in making the unity of the community a reality.”

According to PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang yesterday, PAS is willing to sit down with Umno on the issue of implementing an administration that is based on Islam in the country.

“If they (Umno) say they are committed to implement an administration that is based on Islam, let us ‘muzakarah’ (sit down and talk).

“PAS is ready to do this. You media, report this,” he said in his closing speech at PAS’s annual muktamar (conference).

Hadi also told the delegates present that PAS would go ahead with implementing hudud laws in Kelantan irrespective of whether its PR partner DAP accepted it or not.

This followed media reports yesterday quoting DAP chairman Karpal Singh as saying that the DAP was firm in its stand that hudud laws should not be implemented and that Malaysia should not be turned into an Islamic state.

Buried in the run-up to the 13 general election, PAS had dusted off the covers on hudud at its annual congress to discuss revising the Federal Constitution to make the strict Islamic penal code become part of federal laws.

Its Kuala Krau division, together with the Islamist party’s women’s wing, raised the issue on Saturday with their proposal which they hope will pave the way forward for Pakatan Rakyat-led states to enforce the controversial criminal laws without interference from the BN-controlled federal government.