MB Khalid: Too late to change now

Meena Lakshana, fz.com

Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim today took in stride Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s comments about him at the PKR Congress yesterday.

Commenting on the Opposition leader’s bittersweet praise for him, Abdul Khalid said as a leader of a state government which is at the helm of implementation, he needs to do so carefully so as not to waste public funds.

“It is good. I must be very careful in implementation. We know what we want to do in the state,” he told reporters when met at the Annexe Gallery of the state assembly.
“We are extra careful with how we implement things because it is the people’s money. If we lose the people’s money, no matter how good your intentions are, it reflects badly on you,” he added.
Asked if he felt a need to change his ways to implement programmes at a faster rate, Abdul Khalid said with a laugh: “It is a little too late to change now.”
Abdul Khalid said he deemed Anwar’s comments as constructive as Pakatan Rakyat always holds discussions on how best to serve the community.
While praising him yesterday, Anwar also added somewhat cheekily that Abdul Khalid was slow in implementation.
“Khalid is a good friend and a great leader. This is proven with the amount of money he has brought to the state coffers,” he has said in his wrap-up speech during the congress.
“When I advise my friend (Abdul Khalid), it does not mean I am scolding him.
“He is a loyal person and he listens attentively when there is a discussion. It is just that he implements slowly what I tell him,” said Anwar.
Meanwhile, state Backbenchers Club leader Mohamed Azmin Ali also brushed off the remarks as constructive criticism.
“We should view this as something good, not negative,” he said.