Hadi: Karpal has right to voice out opinion against hudud

(The Star) – PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang said his DAP comrade Karpal Singh has a right to voice his opinion against the implementation of Islamic criminal law in Kelantan.

“They have the right to their opinion and we have our right to continue what we have been fighting for although it is not in Pakatan Rakyat’s common policy,” he told reporters.

“Each of us have our own ideology and differing views, but we will work together on common interests,” he added.

Karpal, who is the DAP national chairman, had appealed PAS not to pursue with its intention to enforce hudud in Kelantan.

Karpal said should the law be enacted by the state, it will be unconstitutional and those charged under it can challenge it.

Hadi also renewed calls for muzakarah (discussion) with Umno in implementing Islamic policies in the country.  

In his winding-up speech on the last day of 59th PAS Muktamar here, Hadi said the party’s religious leaders would take part in the discussion to show the seriousness of their invitation.

“We have (Datuk) Harun Taib (PAS Dewan Ulama chief), we have Nik Abduh (Nik Abdul Aziz, PAS central committee member). We even have lawyers.

“We can even talk about the economy,” he added, that the discussion can also touch on the security issues plaguing the nation.

He said it has always been the priority for the party to uphold Islam and put it on the frontline. 

This was not the first time the Islamist party has called for muzakarah with Umno, but the idea was shot down by various opposition leaders.
But Hadi had insisted that the party had never “closed door” to have discussions on Islamic policies with Umno.


Hadi also said that there were no deviant teachings in the party, in an apparent attempt to dismiss allegations that some of the leaders were Syiah followers.


“In PAS, there are no liberal Muslims, orthodox Muslims or protestant Muslims. Don’t listen to the outsiders,” he said.