Mohd Salleh backstabbing us – Penang PAS grassroot

(The Malaysian Times) – Interference from the DAP and PKR in the administration of Islamic religious affairs in the state has been described as a slap in the face of PAS grassroots members.

PAS activist Mohamed Hafiz Mohamed Nordin said the action by the PAS commissioner was strange and contradictory and could be likened to stabbing the PAS members in the back as they had made their stand for the sake of the party’s integrity and future wellbeing.

“What was the intention of Mohd Salleh in issuing a contradictory statement?

The matter raised by PAS deputy commissioner Muhammad Fauzi Yusoff at a press conference was the voice of the PAS grassroots at the state PAS liaison meeting on Nov 14.

“Why is he defending them (DAP and PKR) and is it because he wants to be a member of the party?

“To me, the denial shows that he lacks integrity,” he said at a news conference, here yesterday.