‘Sacked’ Jenice to run for state DAP posts

The former Teratai rep says she is entitled to contest for a state committee seat as her sacking is still under appeal

Leven Woon, FMT

Despite being sacked twice from the party, former Teratai assemblywoman Jenice Lee said she would still take part in the December’s Selangor DAP election because she is appealing her sentence.

Lee said she remains a DAP member and is entitled to take part in the contest while waiting for the central executive committee to hear her appeal.

The 33-year-old is bullish about her chances of winning a spot in the 15-member state committee, having snatched the top spot by receiving the most votes in the 2010 polls.

“If there is no hanky-panky in the election, then for sure I can make it into the top 15,” she told a media conference in her service centre today.

She said she has filed the nomination paper two weeks ago with more than two branches supporting her candidature.

Lee was dropped as a DAP candidate in the last general election after the party’s disciplinary committee (DC) found her guilty of allegedly misappropriating state funds and residents’ funds in Sungai Pelek and Teratai respectively.

She maintained that she was innocent and went on to stand in the election as an independent; which prompted the party to sack her. She lost in the election.

However, in a turn of events later, she was reinstated after the Registrar of Societies nullified the CEC election last December thus making her dismissal invalid.

How about Ean Yong and Kee Hiong?

Lee attended the CEC re-election on Sept 29 this year.

Following that she claimed she was again sacked from the party on Oct 7 via a letter signed by DC chairman Tan Kok Wai.

After a series of legal proceedings in which Tan’s lawyer told the court that Lee is still a DAP member, pending for the outcome of her appeal, Lee appealed with the CEC again on Nov 15.

Lee also charged today that her dismissal was an act of double standard by the CEC because other DAP leaders who have committed similar deeds were spared from punishment.

She said the Royal Commission of Inquiry’s (RCI) report on the death Teoh Beng Hock mentioned that Selangor executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah had in the past approved allocations of Selangor state funds to a connected company; which belonged to the then DAP’s councillor Lee Kee Hiong’s uncle – Lee Wye Ming.