‘PAS-Pakatan marriage on the rocks’

Penang Malay Congress has joined Penang Umno in its call for PAS not to waste time in Pakatan Rakyat and pull out from the coalition if “the political marriage was not working.” 

Athi Shankar, FMT

Penang Malay Congress (PMC) president Rahmad Isahak said PAS should stipulate a time frame for the state’s Pakatan leadership to fulfill PAS’s demand for more say in the decision-making process on state appointments.

“If Pakatan fails to meet the ultimatum, then PAS should pull out from the coalition without a moments hesitation.”

He said PAS should realise that DAP used terms like “Saidina Umar Abdul Aziz” and “Amat Makruf Nahi Mungkar” as punch-lines to hoodwink Malay-Muslims merely to fish for their votes.

“But, in truth DAP is a chauvinist party that out-rightly rejects Malays and Islam,” he claimed.

“PAS should pull out from Pakatan if it is serious and sincere in championing the Malay and Islamic cause in Penang and country.

“Why should PAS let it(self) to be used by DAP?

“Why should an Islamist party rub shoulders with a chauvinist party like DAP?” asked Rahmad in a statement today.

He was referring to grouses raised by the PAS leadership on Tuesday against the Pakatan leadership and the state government under Chief Minister and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.

Penang PAS has threatened to pull out from the DAP-led Pakatan government and will review its position in the coalition if the party is continued to be undermined by its partners.

State PAS deputy commissioner Muhammad Fauzi Yusoff said the party wanted more ‘space’ within Pakatan and be allowed to speak out and make decisions on party appointments to the Penang Islamic Religious Council (Maipp), and the local government and village development and security councils (JKKK).

He also warned the state government and Pakatan state council not to interfere in the administration of the Maipp currently headed by state PAS commissioner and Permatang Pauh assemblyman Mohd Salleh Man.