Allah for Muslims only, insists Jati

Islamic NGO warns Muslims and non-Muslims in Selangor to abide by the Sultan’s decree and threatens action against those disobeying the order 

(FMT) – Islamic NGO, Jalur Tiga Malaysia (Jati) warned Selangor citizens to abide by the Sultan of Selangor’s decree that the word Allah is exclusive to Muslims.

Jati president and former Selangor PAS commissioner, Hassan Ali, said they will lodge a police report against anybody who goes against the Sultan’s decree.

“We warn every Selangor citizen to follow what was said by the Sultan and we will not hesitate to lodge a police report against individuals or organisations belittling the Sultan’s decree,” said Hassan.

“Jati supports the Sultan as the head of Islam in Selangor. Tuanku’s remark was timely as the court has ruled that the word Allah belongs exclusively to Muslims,” said Norman Toha, Jati’s secretary general.

Hassan Ali lambasted certain parties who tried to discredit the court’s verdict by insisting that the word Allah solely belongs to the Muslims.

He referred to the Shahada (Islamic creed which declares belief in the oneness of God and acceptance of Muhammad as the prophet) and that Muhammad was never linked to any God accept Allah.

“From early on Jati has been consistent. We hold that the view that the word Allah is only for Muslims. End of story. The Shahada clearly shows that there is no God but Allah,” said Hassan.