PAS wants hudud in the aftermath of Jaip officer’s murder

(The Star) – PAS wants the government to implement Syariah criminal laws in Malaysia immediately, in the aftermath of the assassination of Ahmad Rafli Abdul Malek, the enforcement chief of the Pahang Islamic Religious Depart­ment (Jaip).

Syariah criminal laws would restore peace and harmony to Malaysia, said Pas Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan in a statement issued on Monday.

He said the introduction of the Syariah Criminal Code, which has been done in Brunei, would act as both a deterrent to crime and a means to restore order.

“I will raise this issue in the next Parliament sitting which will run until Dec 5. I first raised the issue when the amendments to the Penal Code were being debated, and until now they have been rejected.

“The government has only extended the jail sentences for crimes as part of their effort to stamp out crime through strengthening laws,” said Nasrudin.

Ahmad Rafli died after being shot three times on Sunday after stepping out of his Indera Mahkota 2 house when he was called to the gate after three men arrived at his house in a white Proton Wira Aeroback.