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So there you have it. That is the solution. First of all employ only Chinese police personnel — especially opposition supporters who are squeaky clean. Don’t employ any Malays — especially government supporters who are all corrupt. Secondly, pay them not less than RM3,000 per month for the lower ranks and RM7,000 per month for Inspectors and RM10,000 per month for ASPs, just like in Singapore.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

You are wrong, change would have come with a change of government….without any doubt. You are either a traitor to your own original cause or a coward.

Benjamin Ng, November 09, 2013 20:59:23


Poor Bumiputera will resort to theft, minister Nancy Shukri said today in her defence of the government’s recent move to reintroduce a race-preferential economic policy that has drawn the ire of Malaysia’s minority Chinese and Indian communities.

The de facto law minister told a public forum on international covenants organised by the Malaysian Bar here that the Bumiputera Economic Empowerment Policy was needed to help fix the unequal wealth distribution among the races that remains prevalent half a century after the country was formed, and which she claimed could lead to a potential spurt in social ills and crime.

“As a politician now, I understand why there is a Bumiputera new economic policy… The Bumiputera, they are very marginalised in terms of economy. They’re very much lower than other groups.”

“If there is no such policy to balance the economic distribution within Bumiputera and non-Bumiputera, there could be a difficult situation as well,” Nancy said.

A former civil society activist, the Sarawakian MP for Batang Sadong said the public at large was unable to understand the necessity for such policy to reverse the imbalance in distributing wealth.

“If you don’t help… social ills will be happening. Because they will left very far behind, there will be social problems. That’s the situation, if they don’t have money, what will they do? They will start stealing.”


So there you have it. The solutions are actually extremely simple. It is just that we never bother to give it a thought.

If we face problems in the country, change the government. If we suffer a high crime rate, make the Bumiputeras rich. Eureka! Problem solved.

If the government figures are to be believed, about 5% of Malaysia’s 28 million citizens can be considered poor. That comes to 1.4 million people, mainly Bumiputeras, say the government. Hindraf says that the Indians are equally poor and that is why the crime rate amongst the Indians is very high.

Okay, so let us pay each poor person a welfare cheque of RM1,000 per month. That comes to RM1.4 billion a month or RM16.8 billion a year.

End of problem! No more poor people, so no more crime.

In fact, we can now even save some money. There are about 120,000 people employed by the Malaysian police force. Since crime has now been eliminated we can retrench 20,000 of those police personnel and save in excess of a quarter billion Ringgit a year. And if these retrenched police personnel become poor because they are now unemployed we can put them on welfare and pay them each RM1,000 a month.

What are the two major problems facing Malaysia? I suppose number one would be racism and number two would be crime. Crime here would include organised crime, petty crimes, and corruption (also a crime).

Iran actually faced that same problem back in the 1960s and 1970s — a high crime rate, in particular corruption by those who walk in the corridors of power. So, in 1979, they changed the government. Then they rounded up tens of thousands of corrupt officials and lined them up against the wall and shot them all dead.

Today, Iran is absolutely crime-free. There is also no longer any corruption in Iran. The people are happy. No one wants to leave the country to migrate to western countries. And this is all because they changed the government in 1979 and shot dead all the bad people. So now only good people exist in Iran.

Or is that not so?

Everyone says that the Malaysian police is corrupt. And it is corrupt because they earn an average of RM1,000 a month. So they need to earn ‘side money’ since the cost of living requires a salary of at least RM3,000 or so a month, especially if you have a family to support.

Everyone says that the Singapore police is squeaky clean. And it is squeaky clean because of two reasons, according to the argument that I always hear. First is because they are paid an average of RM3,000 a month. Second is because most of them are not Malays but Chinese.

So there you have it. That is the solution. First of all employ only Chinese police personnel — especially opposition supporters who are squeaky clean. Don’t employ any Malays — especially government supporters who are all corrupt. Secondly, pay them not less than RM3,000 per month for the lower ranks and RM7,000 per month for Inspectors and RM10,000 per month for ASPs, just like in Singapore.

Now Malaysia’s police force will be as squeaky clean as Singapore’s police force.

In fact, Hong Kong’s police force is the cleanest police force in the whole world because there are no Malays in the Hong Kong police force. There are only Chinese police personnel in Hong Kong. That is why there is no corruption in Hong Kong.

Or is that not so?

Then we need to get to the root of the corruption in the Malaysian police force. One source of corruption is the Chinese underworld. Even the ex-IGP has publicly said so. So we get rid of the Chinese and that will end the problem of the underworld corrupting the police force.

The second source of corruption is traffic offenders who bribe police personnel to escape paying a fine. And many of these people are the rich because poor people do not have enough money to bribe the police personnel. In fact, the police do not even bother with poor people because there is no profit in harassing poor people. It is the rich people who they harass since these people are rich enough to pay bribes. 

So what do we do? Simple! Get rid of the rich people. When there are no rich people there will be no one left to corrupt the police. But most of these rich people are Chinese. Only some are Malays and Indians. Well, then get rid of the Chinese. No Chinese, so no rich people, so no people to corrupt the police, so no corrupt police any more.

Actually, the solutions are so simple. Why do people not ponder on these very simple solutions?

There are many brothels and massage parlours in Selangor. In fact, this has become worse since Pakatan Rakyat took over that state in 2008. This is what many, Chinese included, are complaining about.

Okay, Selangor may be under Pakatan Rakyat, but this is not Pakatan Rakyat’s fault. Then whose fault is it?

There are many prostitutes and, as Wanita MCA said, many ‘China Dolls’ operating in Selangor. This is because they are being allowed to operate and the operators bribe the town hall or city hall officers plus the police personnel to turn a blind eye.

But then prostitution works on the law of supply and demand. If there were a demand then there would be a supply. Hence to eliminate the supply you must first eliminate the demand. So, instead of arresting the Malay officials who take bribes to turn a blind eye, or arrest the prostitutes who are offering a service, you arrest all those clients who visit the massage parlours and brothels.

Once you jail hundreds of thousands of people who visit massage parlours and brothels, all these places would close down because there would be no more clients — and corruption will also be eliminated since there are no longer any massage parlours and brothels that need to bribe government/police personnel to turn a blind eye.

Oh, and according to the reports, most of these massage parlours and brothels are Chinese-owned while the majority of the clients are also Chinese — while those corrupt officials who receive bribes to turn a blind eye are Malays. Hence, by taking action against the Chinese, the Malays would be forced to become honest since there are no longer any Chinese who can bribe the Malays.

So, no, I am neither a traitor to my original cause nor a coward. I still believe in the Iranian solution and am brave enough to admit so. That was why in 1982, soon after the Iranian Islamic Revolution, I joined an Iranian-organised demonstration in Mekah, which I have written about a few times in the past.

I am also no coward and brave enough to suggest that to get rid of corruption we need to eliminate the source of this corruption. And since the Chinese are corrupting the Malays, then we get rid of the Chinese. No more Chinese to corrupt the Malays, no more corrupt Malays.

Simple! Right? And is this not better than just changing the government (although I am not saying we should not change the government)? Selangor is now under Pakatan Rakyat for a second term. But has that solved the problem of illegal gambling, loan sharking, prostitution, drugs, corruption, and so on? In fact, many are saying it has become worse over the last five years or so since Pakatan Rakyat took over.

But how can it have become worse when we have changed the Selangor government? Ah, many will argue, that is because we still have many poor people in Selangor plus we still have many corrupt Malay civil servants and corrupt Malay police personnel.

So does that mean changing the government alone is not enough? Does that mean we also need to eliminate the reason and source of this corruption? And is this reason and source of corruption the unemployed and poor Bumiputeras plus the rich people who bribe underpaid Malay civil servants and police personnel?

So there you have it. That is the simple solution to solving the problem. Tackle the reason and the source and the problem will go away.

Oh, and let us not forget the second major problem facing Malaysia, which is racism. To eliminate racism we need to eliminate the racists (just like to eliminate plague we need to eliminate the rats). There are many Malay racists. And I am sure you believe that these Malay racists exist in Umno and Perkasa. So we just get rid of them. That will solve the Malay racists problem.

But hold on, there are also many Malay racists in PAS and PKR. In fact, Anwar Ibrahim himself is a racist. Of course, publicly you will never hear how racist he can be. But if you were to engage Anwar in a private or closed-door meeting then you will know that he is one mother of a racist.

So we need to not only eliminate the Umno and Perkasa Malay racists but also the Malay racists in PAS and PKR, plus the biggest racist of them all, Anwar Ibrahim.

Then we need to eliminate the Indian racists in Hindraf, plus eliminate the Chinese racists — those who think that the Chinese are a superior race and that everything wrong with the country is because Malaysia has a Malay Umno government, a Malay civil service, and a Malay police force, and that Singapore and Hong Kong do not face these same problems because in those countries the people are Chinese and not Malays.