MPs argue over LGBT in parliament

(The Star) – A Barisan Nasional MP and PAS MP locked horns when the former questioned whether the Islamist party supported the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) movement.

The argument started when Datuk Seri Noh Omar (BN – Tanjong Karang) questioned PAS’ silence over several matters. 

He went on to describe PAS using the Malay idiom “kerbau dicucuk hidung” which means simply obeying without questioning when the party changed its original struggle of forming an Islamic state to a welfare state. 

“When Bukit Gelugor (DAP chairman Karpal Singh) said it was over his dead body that he would allow an Islamic state to be formed, PAS merely kept quiet and changed their struggle. This shows that the DAP is in control.

“PKR and PAS won not because of their strengths but because they depended on DAP supporters,” Noh said when debating the Budget 2014.

The Umno leader then asked Khalid Samad (PAS – Shah Alam) whether PAS agreed with non-governmental organisations championing sexual freedom and apostasy.

Khalid then said “PAS rejects LGBT and apostasy because they go against Islam. But if such NGOs support us to form a government that is free of corruption, honest and fair, then that is their right.”

Khalid also acknowledged that PAS and DAP were different parties but they worked together in the same pact.

Noh however continued on his attack against the Opposition, leading Steven Sim (DAP – Bukit Mertajam) to ask, “Is this a debate or a session to lambast the Opposition?”

Noh then said if PAS championed Islam as claimed, then they should have been vocal on their stand on certain issues.

“If PAS remains silent, then it may be construed as they support certain causes,” he said, adding that PAS could set aside its differences with Barisan Nasional and come up with a joint statement to clear up confusions in the faith.

However, Khalid accused Umno as the cause of such confusion and that was why both parties could not be united in their stand.

Debates resumed when Deputy Speaker Datuk Ismail Mohamed Said reminded them of the time limit for each MP to speak.