Former IGP Musa Hassan apologized for his lies–WHY 

So, now that the dominoes are falling for Musa Hassan and his cohorts, I suggest that Dato Ramli and Rosli Dahlan should now sue Musa Hassan and AG Gani Patail for what they did in 2007 to Dato Ramli and Rosli Dahlan.

Din Merican 

MalaysiaKini has been consistent in its follow through story about the Copgate Affair where, in 2007, former IGP Musa Hassan and AG Gani Patail with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) had fixed up former Director of Commercial Crimes Investigations Dept, Dato Ramli Yusuff, on various trumped up false charges. Since then Dato Ramli has been vindicated of all these charges. The Court in Kota Kinabalu even branded Musa Hassan to be a Liar of the highest order.

After Musa Hassan was not given a further extension to be IGP, he started attacking the Government and also tried to run down his successor and former IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar. Then, nearing the last GE13, Musa Hassan tried to endear himself to Pakatan Rakyat by further criticising the government. Quite a lot of people were taken in by Musa Hassan’s pretensions that he is now a repentant crime crusader.

But when Lawyer Rosli Dahlan was interviewed by FMT, Rosli did not mince his words in calling Musa A Liar and a Manipulator. Rosli said – “A leopard doesn’t change its spots!”. Despite such scathing remarks vs Musa Hassan, there was no defamation suit filed by Musa Hassan against Rosli. Not daring to taken on Rosli, Musa turned his attack on Dato Ramli Yusuff by name calling him in the “black knight vs white knight” altercation by also implicating Tan Sri Robert Phang. Both Tan Sri Robert Phang and Dato Ramli wasted no time in suing Musa Hassan for lying and defaming them.

This morning, Musa Hassan admitted before High Court Judge Prasad Abraham that all his remarks against Dato Ramli were lies and fabrications. Musa was treated like a delinquent schoolboy when Judge Prasad made him apologise personally to Dato Ramli. Musa was also ordered to pay legal cost of RM10,000/-. What a shameless man this Musa Hassan has become!

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