No Tiga Line thugs in police lockup

Alfian ZM Tahir, FMT

To date, thousands of suspected gangsters from underworld organisations in the country have been arrested, but surprisingly, none of them were from the Tiga Line group.

This latest information was revealed by Bukit Aman’s secret societies, gambling and anti vice principle assistant director, SAC Abdul Jalil Hassan today.

Jalil told FMT over the phone that they have yet to arrest any Tiga Line member, but was quick to add that the police have arrested a number of Malay gangsters from other triad groups.

Tiga Line, closely linked to a Malay NGO known as Pekida, is believed to be a well known group of Malay gangsters.

“Thus far none of them have been arrested but we have detained a number of Malay thugs from different underworld group,” said Jalil.

When asked if the police are having difficulties in arresting Tiga Line members, Jalil denied it and said that they have identified a number of faces but have yet to detain anyone.

“We know who they are and we have identified them, however, we have not made any arrests yet,” he added.