Those opposing PCA are selfish, says Zahid

PCA will empower the police to take more proactive measures under the act to protect the rights of all and not selected parties in fighting crime

Alyaa Azhar, FMT

Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has hit out at various parties who oppose the Prevention of Crime Act (Amendment and Extension) 2013, claiming they only tend to the criminals’ rights as opposed to the victims’.

“Is it only the rights of those arrested for prevention purposes have to be defended?

“What about the rights of policemen who were shot or killed? Do they not have rights?” he said, in an interview with FMT.

The Prevention of Crime Act (Amendment and Extension) 2013 which provides for detention without trial to maintain public order and safety; or crime prevention was passed by the Dewan Rakyat early yesterday morning.

Attempts by the opposition to thwart the passing of the Bill were unsuccessful; when it was passed at 12.50am after receiving support from the majority of Barisan Nasional lawmakers.

Ahmad Zahid had said that the amendments were crucial to enable the police to take “proactive” approach to crime.

When asked on the criticisms against the PCA, he explained that there has never been a single law tabled in parliament that does not get criticised from the opposition.

According to Ahmad Zahid, it is not surprising for the opposition to continue using NGOs or individuals who often sympathise and agree with them to oppose any bill that is tabled or amended.

“The question by the Home Ministry is this: What about the rights of those among the public who are victimised by criminals?

“Are those opposing only care about the criminals’ rights, yet, deny the rights of enforcement officers and victims who should be defended and given rights as they have been victimised?” asked Ahmad Zahid.