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I wonder if ROS is also watching over the Umno elections. There is so much speculation on possible deals to influence the election. I would not be surprised if eventually, the top 2 positions would not be challenged. If so, then the change in rules to involve more than 146,000 members (instead of only 191 division leaders) in choosing them would be meaningless.

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When is the right time to forgive and forget?

‘For those who seek revenge, as Mahatma Gandhi said, an eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind.’
When watching kungfu films about old China, seeking revenge for the death of a family member was the top priority. Then someone wise would advise that the enmity should stop, otherwise there would be no end to the dispute.
The death of ex-Secretary General of MCP, Chin Peng (real name Ong Boon Hua) on Malaysia Day (surely a date to be remembered!) had created a storm in a teacup over whether his body or even his ashes could be brought back to Malaysia.
Malaysiakini: ‘Barring Chin Peng’s ashes makes us laughing stock’
Ex-IGP Abdul Rahim Mohd Noor says the refusal to allow Chin Peng into the country made a mockery of the 1989 Hatyai Peace Treaty.
We should rightly be called Petty Malaysia?

Should we be eternally grateful?

IDEAS’s CEO, Wan Saiful was vilified for suggesting the removal of S.153 which provided for the Special Position of Malays in the Constitution. It was indeed too radically ahead of time. Ask any non-Malays and they would be grateful if only the government just stick to the provisions instead of increasing its coverage and making the NEP to seem like a Never Ending Policy. Najib’s new proposal to further empower the Malays (for his own self-preservation in view of the forthcoming Umno elections) has caused someone to suggest our country should be renamed ‘Malaysahaja’!

Wan Saiful’s background was checked and his 16 years in UK, at least initially funded by our government, was made out to be a case of ‘kacang lupakan kulit’. Rocky Bru and others have commented that those who oppose the continuation of NEP and its improved versions are the ones who benefited from them, like Wan Saiful and Zaid Ibrahim.

But if we were to leave our prejudices aside, are we not expecting to be educated, especially when overseas, to be more open-minded and acceptable of universal values? Unless, universal values are considered Western and therefore those who advocate them are deemed brain-washed.

Dr. Mahathir had repeatedly criticised such Malays as ungrateful because they were beneficiaries of the NEP. But are they to be eternally grateful for that despite knowing that the government had been unfair to the other races?
A true philantropist would not expect anything in return when helping the needy, least of all, having to support anything and everything that he advocates. Koon Yew Yin comes to mind, and his advice to those who obtained his scholarships is to help others when they are in a position to do so.

DAP is multi-racial in name only?

That the Chairman is Karpal Singh and there are many Indian MPs and ADUNs make no difference?

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