PKR to offer legal aid to Sanjeevan 
( – PKR is on standby to offer legal aide to MyWatch founder R.S. Sanjeevan if police make good their threats to arrest him.

PKR Legal and Human Rights Bureau head Latheefa Koya said she will be among those on call to represent Sanjeevan if he is picked up over claims that he is linked to the underworld.
She said as long as there was no independent body to oversee the police, it would be impossible to expect the men in blue to conduct themselves.
“Nothing short of an IPCMC (Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission) can correct the abuse of powers,” she told when contacted.
Calls for the IPCMC to be implemented have been growing louder, following Sanjeevan’s claims that police had ignored his request for protection of his home after a murder attempt on his life on July 27, where Sanjeevan survived being shot in the lungs.
Police have also denied any involvement of a threatening call made from a police station and Sanjeevan is convinced his case would remain unsolved due to corruption.
Sanjeevan had been in the police’s bad books claiming links between police officers and drug gangs.
Meanwhile, PKR vice-president N Surendran – who has been at the forefront of death in police custody cases – said Sanjeevan’s claims further reinforced the importance for the commission to be implemented.
The Padang Serai MP said no proper investigations were carried out despite police reports being lodged.
The inaction, he said, only showed the incompetence of the police when it comes to investigating their own.
“Police are instead going on a wild goose chase, hunting those with tattoos,” he said alluding to reports that police have planted men in tattoo parlours and skin clinics to track down gang members desperate to give cops the slip under the “Op Cantas”.

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