Nobody can hijack Bersih, Ambiga tells RPK

Ambiga rubbishes claims made by Raja Petra Kamarudin that Bersih is a tool of Anwar Ibrahim. 

Alfian ZM Tahir, FMT

Bersih co-chairperson S Ambiga has expressed her disbelief with Raja Petra Kamarudin’s comment that Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim has destroyed the movement’s credibility.

“Nobody can hijack Bersih. How do you hijack Bersih? People who say such thing do not understand the matter. Bersih is a very strong movement. Hundreds of thousands of people called for a reform,” she told FMT today.

“I don’t understand why he says that. It is insulting the intelligence of 84 NGOs who are involved actively in Bersih.”

“Maybe he is away for far too long and he can’t really see what is happening here in Malaysia,” she added.

Two days ago, the UK-based popular blogger Raja Petra, or best known as RPK, accused that election reforms movement Bersih has failed in its main objective of bringing about electoral reforms in Malaysia.

He said Bersih had made the mistake of aligning itself with Pakatan Rakyat, and had shown more interest in making Anwar the prime minister of the nation.

On another note, Ambiga responded to comments made by Barisan Nasional politicians by asking them to “come and see for yourself”, referring to their earlier comments made slamming the People’s Tribunal as a publicity stunt.

“Rather than criticising they should have come forward and listen to the proceeding. They have no idea what is going on in this tribunal,” she said when approached by reporters.

Ambiga said that she was surprised that no one from the government’s ruling party was willing to accept Bersih’s invitation to the public hearing.

“I am surprised that not even one single person from BN is bothered to come forward. Ordinary Malaysians are here giving their evidences on election irregularities,”

However Ambiga still welcomes those from the ruling party to come to the tribunal before it ends on Sunday.

“They are still welcome and I would receive them and hope that they would take this opportunity,” she said.