Najib: Bumiputera economic empowerment policy does not deny rights of others

(Bernama) – Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has urged the people not to misconstrue the Bumiputera economic empowerment policy, saying its implementation does not trample on the interests of other groups or deny their rights.

On the other hand, he said, it is implemented in line with the government’s dessire to continue to create new wealth so that all Malaysians can share the benefits in a fair and equitable manner.

“Certainly! We are doing what is fair, we are doing what is right, and we are doing what is equitable.

“It means that we do not have any evil intent or prejudice against the other races,” he said at the launch of the Bumiputera Economic Empowerment Council here today.

Najib stressed that the government is responsible for all Malaysians of all levels regardless of background, whether they are Bumiputeras or non-Bumiputeras, Muslims or non-Muslims.

Najib, who is also Finance Minister, said history has proven that since the implementation of the New Economic Policy, not just the Bumiputeras but all Malaysians have shared the benefits of the nation’s economic development.

“Clearly, we have done this not by taking, or denying, the rights of anyone, but through the creation of new wealth and maintaining sustainable economic growth,” he said.

The Prime Minister said since Independence, all plans and policies related to Bumiputeras have been formulated with the nation’s multi-racial composition in mind.

No one can deny the Bumiputeras’ central position in the national agenda, he said, adding any national initiative which does not take into account or ignores the Bumiputera agenda would not be fair and equitable.

Najib stressed the importance for all quarters to understand that the government is always aware of the Bumiputera agenda as the national agenda.

“This is because, if the rights of the majority Bumiputeras are not taken care of and they feel threatened or marginalised, the country will not enjoy peace and stability, and we would not be able to achieve our dream of becoming an advanced and peaceful nation by 2020,” he said.

Najib also criticised some politicians who he said are constantly stoking the racial fires, putting fear in the people.

“Like it or not, if we are not careful we can be influenced by outside sentiments through these internal adventurers and puppet masters, we will also feel the heat, and if they are not curtailed, Malaysia as a sovereign and independent nation will in the end be destroyed,” he said.