MCA’s ‘battle within’ due to Cabinet post 

(FMT) – MCA president Chua Soi Lek is being pressured to step down immediately because some party members want to join the cabinet.

MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek is being pressured to step down not due to his party’s dismal performance in the recently-concluded 13th general election, but because certain party leaders believe they deserve to be in the federal cabinet, said a MCA insider.

According to the insider, numerous anti-Chua movements emerged right after the election to ensure that Chua goes away together with his “no-cabinet-post” pledge.

“After the results were announced, Chua was firm with the decision. But there are certain individuals who are tempted to be in the cabinet, they are the people who are forcing Chua to resign.

“If they manage to pressure Chua to step down, most likely the person who takes over would be the second person in-line, which is Liow Tiong Lai, and he would review the pledge,” he said.

The insider claimed that Liow’s people had been moving all over the country to persuade local warlords to join him to oust Chua.

“We have 15 state assemblymen spread around many states, some of whom are newly-elected. So we offer them a term, if you join our team and pressure Chua to step down, you will get to become an exco, ” he said.

The insider said if not for the personal agenda of these MCA leaders, it would not make any difference whether Chua quits now or six months later because the president had already pledged not to seek re-election.

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