Talk about what Anwar? 

Anwar’s call for talks with BN is to buy time so that he can cook up something else to make him remain relevant to Malaysians and to Pakatan.

CT Ali, FMT 

The time elapsed from that first statement by Anwar Ibrahim about him quitting politics for the academia should he lose the 13th general election to the one where he said ‘Lets talk” to Najib Tun Razak, is just a matter of months.

You will have to decide on the veracity of Anwar’s words uttered in the past. You will have to ask yourself what you can and cannot believe when Anwar speaks today, and you will be the final arbitrator if there is any ‘udang sebalik batu’ (secret agenda) in Anwar’s recent ‘Lets talk’ olive branch extended to Najib.

The measure of any leader can be seen in the manner they hold fast to their convictions, adapt to the realities of prevailing circumstances and yet hold true to the principles they have enunciated from time to time.

For Anwar, what he has been saying before the elections, during the elections and after the elections have precluded any possibilities of working with Najib and Barisan Nasional.

Now, just three months after the elections, he decides that the time has come to sit and talk with Najib.

Talk about what Anwar?

Tell me Anwar, what are the issues you want to deliberate with Najib, and what comprehensive solution will you be proposing?

Take us with you as you go into discussions with Najib – that is if Najib does want to discuss anything with you!

Tell us what policies, what promises and which vision that Najib and Barisan Nasional have had for the future of Malaysia that you agree with, and what you do not agree with.

Tell us which of Barisan Nasional government policies will be supported by you because it is in the interest and common good of the people of Malaysia.

And having identified them, will you give your undertaking that you and your Pakatan Rakyat colleagues will work with Najib and the BN coalition he leads, to make these policies happen.

Would you and Najib agree to work together in creating jobs, increase incomes and combating corruption? Do you and Najib agree that the price of petrol should drop?

Show us Anwar by your actions and your deeds that nation building is your priority and that you, as leader of the opposition, will work with Najib – even if you are not offered a DPM’s post!

Anwar, let me call your bluff.

I say that all you are doing is posturing! All you want to get out of this “Let us talk” overture to BN is to buy time so that you can cook up something else to make you still relevant to the people of Malaysia and to Pakatan.

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