Michelle Yeoh Launches iM4U Street Watch Campaign To Fight Crimes Against Women


(Bernama) — 1Malaysia For Youth (iM4U) mentor Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh today launched the iM4U Street Watch Campaign to fight crime and raise awareness on women’s safety especially in the areas where women are particularly vulnerable.

Yeoh said this was her first initiative after being appointed as iM4U mentor.

She said it was aimed at raising awareness among all Malaysians to pledge their support for the “Women’s Safety and Respect for Women” campaign.

“I believes it is important to educate the public and instill a sense of pro-activeness among Malaysians to make our country a safer place for all.

“iM4U also developed a series of five pledges and five tips to be shared via special media platforms and promotion with the support of RapidKL on it’s various transportation and networks,” she told reporters here, today.

At the launch, Yeoh joined some 20 volunteers on the Light Rail Transit (LRT) to distribute safety packs containing a whistle and safety tips card to women passengers.

Meanwhile, Events and Outdoor Activation director Moots Marimuthu said in partnership with RapidKL, they would be conducting various safety awareness programmes including the placement of iM4U volunteers at selected LRT stations to help escort women to their vehicles if needed.

“We want people to be more self aware and alert with their surroundings. They should report any suspicious activities,” he said.

Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad’s Infrastrucure Services Group Director Masnizam Hisham said the company is committed to the safety and security of they guests and will ensure that they have a pleasant experience when using the LRT.